White Boards SIMON JOHNS Signature Series

Pivotboard White Boards just released its new Signature Series, the first one: Simon Johns.

“It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, the first of our brand new ‘Signature Series’ boards!

I know that many of you have been wondering exactly who these riders will be, and we do have more than one rider to announce, but each and everyone of the Signature Series is tested and will not be released until the rider is 100% happy with their board.

Recently, we have been working with a friend of mine from my old home town of Bristol, who definitely has some amazing skills, and is known as one of the msot technical riders on the planet.

It is with tremendous pleasure that I am able to finally announce our first Signature Series board with none other than…

Simon Johns

Simon has been a fantastic person to work with on this project, and we have definitely come up with a design that works for him as a pro rider, but rather than listen to me talk, just click ‘Read More’, and read all about this awesome new board shape.”


“The Simon Johns board has taken elements of design from some of his favorite boards, added things to the board that he felt would work better for him, alongside our design expertise in making boards work better for the rider. We have a complete sinergy between rider, and company.”


The first thing you’ll notice about this board, is that it has a standard WSA pivot. Simon preferred this over the FlyWeight pivot during testing, and has found this to be a better set up for him at the moment, but this doesn’t simply stop here. We are already in the process of testing a brand new Hybrid Pivot, which combines the teflon friction free washer of the flyweight, with an 8mm kingpin, as well as a super thin needle roller bearing, giving it the ultimate in smooth responsive control.”



“We’re sitting with a 7ply + double slick bar, and 5 Ply + double slick footplates, so far, this layup has been super tough and found to be amazing for strength and stiffness from all our riders. We’re currently testing lighter weight models, that are thinner and lighter than ever.”


I’ve been working very closely with some riders that are some of the best in the world. I deliberately chose the riders that weren’t just some of the best on their boards, but also are the best people off their boards, too. I chose riders that are very experienced, that can give great feedback, and know what changes to a board, affect the way that they ride.”



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