NewWave 2 graphic

WhiteBoards NewWave 2

NewWave 2 graphic

NewWave 2 graphic

After the NewWave 1, Pivotboard just released its new WhiteBoards ‘NewWave 2′ complete board and NewWave2 spare bar.

Product Specifications:

The NewWave complete board  includes bar, two X-Wing footplates, Trucks, the Four Play Board Co. Flyweight Pivot system, and all hardware. All you need to do is throw on griptape and wheels, and you’re good to go!

Stance: 54 – 57cm

Bar Width: 9″ (229 mm)

Thickness: ‘Flyweight’ 5 Ply + ‘Doubleslick’ (slick both sides, to provide added strength and durability, as well as the ultimate slide)


- Pivotboard:

Flyweight: Due to our progression in board design, we’ve found it possible to not only reduce the amount of plys within the board, but also reduce the weight to dramatically less than any boards available before now. Our next generation ‘Flyweight’ bar, has only 5 plys, making it extremely lightweight, and thinner without any loss in strength when compared to ‘WSA standard’ bars. The reduction in materials used to manufacture this bar, means we can make this bar cheaper than anything else available on the market today.”


- Rick Lowe/Pivotboard:

“Over the years, I have developed White Boards with feedback from riders, and this bar is definitely one that has been designed with input from our skaters. Some pivotboard skaters really like to have angled bars, because they prefer how that angular contact is when sliding in Smith, Feeble, Willy Grinds, etc, and any grinds that require a drop-slide style grind.

Other riders simply love to have wider shoulders, an prefer a full contact, with a ‘lock’ that locks onto the top surfaces of rails and grind boxes. Neither one is wrong. This is why we believe in producing the best quality boards, that are lighter, stronger, very durable, and responsive to the skate riding our board.

We intend to offer shapes that fit the rider, so that all options are available, that are great, strong, slide forever, yet feel intuitive to the skaters feet, like an extension of the riders legs. You shouldn’t have to completely relearn every trick when you get a new board, you should be able to pick the right board for you, and understand that this board is the result of years of product development and research, material experimentation, and of course, skaters testing these boards to make sure they work.

You can trust a White Board. They simply work, they work well, for a very long time, and don’t let you down.”


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