VERT ALERT 2016 presented by Gabi Munoz, Streetboarder Magazine,Gazpacho Boards and Dimension Streetboards

Gabi Muñoz introduces the new on-line contest for 2016: The VERT ALERT Streetboard Challenge in which they give away boards, spare parts and a fully paid trip to WOODWARD Beijing.

Follo VertAlert on Facebook here.

More info on


January videos:

Vert Alert FAQ:

1. Videos must be uploaded first on a video platform (youtube, vimeo, etc)
After that, video link must be sent by email or vertalert facebook inbox.
2. Videos must have vert alert sponsor&colaborator logos, otherwise will be OFF the contest.
3. Videos CAN have your personal sponsors as well.
4. Videos must be current. You can’t post last year videos in this contest. January videos must be skated in January.
5. Timing: Deadline for a month is the first week of the following month. Example: February, you can send links from February 1st to March 6th. March 7th judges will count shares and likes accumulated.
6. SHARES: VertAlert will only count Shares of VertAlert WALL.
7. LIKES: VertAlert will only count Likes of VertAlert + each rider WALL, vertalert will not count likes in third party shared videos.
8. You get 50points every month just for submitting a video link? Max 50p/month, meaning if you publish two videos you will get 50points for publishing + shares and likes points.
9. Where can you download logos? + how it works
10. Month total points = Posting points + Likes Points (We count likes of all videos posted on that month) + Share Points (We count shares of all videos posted on that month)


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