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ST FOTOGRAFIA: Cristian Dedeu DROP THIS poster

- Words & pics by St Fotografía

For me it is always a pleasure to go to do photo shoots with Cristian Dedeu because he have an amazing style and first try killer tricks.

But because he had been injured after having some serious falls and also spending a lot of time filming & editing Drop this movie he didn’t skated during a month. We decided to go to that spot because it’s a spot near our houses in our town, Premià de Dalt (30 min. from Barcelona), and it’s really beautiful.


 It was a perfect day (not very hot or very cold). On one side was Cristian concentrated on the rail and on the other David La Rotta and Andrés Rodés ”playing”…

CrisCristian entered into a mental block (which we have all been victims skating) and after a few failed attempts we decided to leave it for the next session…






















                            Four days later we returned and, after thinking a bit the first fs 50-50 and he get confidence, he make us this present, a beautiful Frontside Feeble:

Cristian - Frontside feeble drop this

Frontside Feeble / His poster for the dvd and one of his last tricks in his video part

You can check the ‘Behind the scenes’ footage from this trick on the Cristian’s ‘B-Side’ Drop This clip (14:00):

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