SHOP: Streetboarder Mag SNAKE T-Shirt

A tribute to our roots!


Here’s our new Streetboarder Mag’s SNAKE t-shirt!

Available in BLACK or WHITE in L and XL


Max Anderson wearing the black one during LDN CALLING 2015

Buy yours emailing with your full name, address and the payment method you prefer: Paypal or wire transfer

Europe: 22€ (Shipping included)
Spain: 18€ (Shipping included)
Outside Europe: 18€ + Shipping costs (depends on each country)

Free Streetboarder Mag stickers with every order

Also available at

Design by Juan Sáenz Valiente

Design by Juan Sáenz Valiente



A tribute to our roots…




Cristian Dedeu wearing the black one

"Always supporting Streetboard brands!" ROTY 2014 Toni Alvarez

“Always supporting Streetboard brands!”
ROTY 2014 Toni Alvarez

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