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Sergi Nicolas – South America Tour

4st stop: Mendoza, ARGENTINA

Part 2 here.


“My muscles and brain were a bit tired yesterday when I woke up. So much skating the day before!

I just couldn’t move from the bed till 17 pm. Was a totally sunday time. Enzo woke up and we ate again some Milanesas with ham & cheese omelette. I started to feel better after the meal. I had two toughts on my mind, should I skate or should I rest for one day? I think lately skating became a huge drug for me. I need to ride every single day, no matter if is just for a little bit, dosen’t matter the spot. I just need to strap in and ride.

Everybody was so out, no one pick up theirs phones. This time was just Enzo and I (he couldn’t skate, but he was there supporting). He was telling how much he wanted to ride, that motivated me even more to skate. How lucky I’m that I’m not injured? Fuck it, let’s go.

We didn’t had to drive far. 1st spot, Mendoza university. Before anything, if you ever think about film a section just with enders, build kickers to grind something and just hammer tricks, this place is yours! All the spots were damm crazy. Massive Massive kink rails and many many many many rails. You need a few days to do them all but probably you will get injured before that happens.

I really didn’t feel like having big fears, wasn’t the ready. We found a perfect 7 stair rail that was the spot for the day. I didn’t know what trick I waned to do, I feel a bit horrible but after been strapped inn for a bit and hit the rail a few times, my body was starting to feel better and more ready. In that rail you could do a lot of stuff but my session ended with a fs bluntslide, was a long time that I didn’t feel that great on that trick on a rail. How come? I didn’t do it or practiced for long time…”

Mendoza Sergi fs blun-1

“I just felt the trucks so stuck on the rail, sliding all the way. Felt great (Enzo&Sebas thanks for the pic, I think is one of my favorites of the trip).

Enzo took us for dinner to a new place “La Sandia Bar” in Potrerillos. Outside of Mendoza city.”

Mendoza Bar Sandia-1

“Brand new bar. It’s a home and now transformed into a beautiful bar&home. Perfect spot to go and see the sun go down. We got there late so we couldn’t see that. But just the views are extremely amazing. The sky was all clean, you could see so many stars, a big lake in front , the mountains, a pool. Big beds to lie down and fall asleep. Such a peaceful place. They serve great cocktails and great food, I totally recommended. Was around 03am.”

“Enzo heard about a concert that was going on … and we hit the road. Once there, we were pretty tired the music was damm loud. We danced a bit, and for the rest we were at the terrace just chilling and talking. Got home and I couldn’t sleep right a way… the day was too short. Took me a few hours till i closed my eyes.”



Lunch time

Lunch time

“Late morning, sun wasn’t out here, mostly clouds and grey sky. Enzo and I went to the supermarket to buy some stuff. The market is just next door, so we didn’t had to walk so far. We bought some Milanesas. Mindwhile a lot of people started to show up in the house, a few streetboarders I never saw before. How great is that?”

Mendoza Banco-1

“First spot ‘Convention Center’, a small 8 stair rail. All the guys strapped in, and to be honest no one was thinking about it to much.”

Mendoza Enzo sw lip -1

Enzo, swtich frontside lipslide


“They were hitting the rail 1st go. They been skating there a lot of times, but still I was surprised everyone was going down so quick.
I skated a bit and did some tricks but i really didn’t like the spot, the rail was really high and short and the landing was a bit horrible. Gustavo, a guy I saw long time ago on videos did a sick fs nosegrind, Enzo sw fs lipslide, I was shocked, who are these guys? Damm noone knows about them and they kill it!

Gustavo, frontside nosegrind

Gustavo, frontside nosegrind

I was taking pictures, first big slam Gustavo, he landed one of the tricks and some how went straight to his knees, Right after Enzo, i asked him pleaseto do another sw lip bro, and he was in another trick in his mind. He went for a halfcab 50-50 and the nose touch the rail before the spin. Horrible moment. Pam… to the floor. Big slam.

1st spot, 2 big slams, I was like, dudes, lets go somewhere chill. Next to that was a 14 stair rail. Was perfect but as always there are a few problems. The entrance with holes horrible floor in the top and the worst was: you had to land the trick and just right after you had a step up. You had to land and jump.”

Enzo, frontside 50-50

Enzo, frontside 50-50


“I really wanted to hit that rail, the spot looks sick. Took me a few goes to think the landing and the jump. Enzo told me I’m going down, and my mind was fuck it, I have to do it first (mental game). So I went down and jump right after, I landed first go but my board did something wrong on the landing, was a high landing. I really wanted to do a fs lip but i just took my board off. Enzo was like, I go for it, he looked the rail once and he just went down perfectly, but the landing he was a bit too much into the front and ate the step up badly with his back and ass. Horrible 2nd slam from this dude. How much he can handle? He couldn’t walk good, he was a bit stressed, he was telling me, in a long time didn’t had so much pain.

Pablo, owner from Extreme Board Shop, (great friend, meet him 2001 in BS, at worlds) bought energy drinks for everybody (thanks buddy).”

Plaza España

Plaza España

“Next spot was Plaza España, felt like at home there. But so different compared to the one in Barcelona. Way smaller but at the same time cooler. There were a lot of kids hanging out, doing rap battles, playing guitar, skating, bmx… “

Plaza España

Plaza España

“(Last night I meet a girl who told me, one of the things that shock me more about Europe is that when you go to a park, plaza or something similar, everybody is old and here are all young. I didn’t realize that and now that I think about it is so true. Back in Europe you will end up talking to a old person here are all young kids.

Gustavo, frontside smith

Gustavo, frontside smith

“Everybody was skating a bit, the spot wasn’t a killer but I started to do some blunt stoles, and the ledge was going pretty well. I started with some bs noseblunt slides and I ended up filming a sw bs noseblunt. Took me 65 goes and wasn’t perfect. I was a bit annoyed but my ankle was on pain, so I decided to stop, I just got one not long but…”

Mendoza Gustavo and the gropies -1
“The guys wanted to take to another spot, Plaza San Martin. Mind while that drive, some spots looked familiar to me. I was asking the guys here is where this guy made this trick and this trick and so on… I really cant remember where I saw it and when, I just remember the spots. I was like damm… I saw this many years ago and now I’m here.

Once in Plaza San Martin, once again a lot of kids hanging there and skating. Such a famous spot over here and a great one. So many gaps, stairs and rails. Before I strapped in some weird soda company park across the street and all the kids got crazy, they were giving free sodas away. So for a few minutes noone was skating just trying to get as much as sodas possible (so do I, hahaha). I had a walk in the square,and a bmx comes to me and say: You are from Barcelona, I saw you in Nasty MOndays and then he goes and I saw you in Madrid, you are friends of Leandro, Santi… I was like wtf? Small world, ah?

No one really wanted to skate much, I guess everyone was tired already. I filmed a trick that I always wanted to do but never found the spot to do it. So yesterday I felt a bit of progression on my skating, a new trick filmed.”

Plaza San Martin

Plaza San Martin


“No matter if you never do new tricks but if you keep skating you always have a progress, even if is just your style or what ver. Yesterday I had a damm great feeling inside of me, I was ready to go home.

Had an amazing cold shower, hanged there with Enzo and people started to show up. This was the meeting point. Some guys skated his miniramp, some other had dinner and some others started with the Fernet with coca. The only thing everyone drinks here. The plan for tonight was to go to Enzo’s bar&club ‘La Borda de Cacheuta’. He left before us to place. We went to a previa, to some girls house friends of this guys. A great house, with a pool and a lot of grapes :)

Was almost 03.00 am and we started the drive to the mountain. Enzo explained me this place is in the middle of the mountain and so on, but I really couldn’t imagine the reality.

Once there I was like WFT? a Bar&Club in the middle of mountains, open air and great views. Is not crazy big but enough. There were maybe 150 people. If you ever are here in Mendoza is a must to come up here. The ambient is rock&indy, really local, remind me of Barcelona. Was all dark, you could only see the siluet of the mountains, the moon and the stars.

Was about 06.00 am and the sky got cleaner and cleaner… The sun was coming out. On the way back home I could see the reality of this place. Was like a desert, similar to the Grand Canyon in a small size. I saw one of the best sunrise ever last night!

Mendoza so far is the best city I been in Argentina. Don´t know why but has something special, love it. I´m thiking about staying a few more days, but not sure. I want to get footage and new spots, new riders and so on… I´m having fun, enjoying the city and the people… When you are traveling and moving around you meet people and you go… Is one of the parts that makes it special, but also hard. You get so much info, so many new things that once you are getting this you need more and need to move on.

I have a few days left in Mendoza, I’m gone try to make the best of it. Time to get ready to go and skate! Hope are some great spots to hit today :)



“I was pretty tired after another night in a bus. I got some sleep, the bus is comfortable but after a while dosen’t matter the position you got that always is horrible. Well, iI walked 10 min in the terminal till Enzo saw me, “Sergi Sergi”. I was sleepy, for the first moment i didn’t recognize him. Last time I saw him was 2001. We drove home, left all the stuff, had some water, and of course we catch up about everything. What he is been up to, what I been up to, how is streetboarding in Europe, how was worlds in Germany and all that.”


“We went to catch up some sandwiches jamon serrano with cheese, the only thing that was missing was the tomato. Went back home, Sebastian showed up, another streetboarder that I meet in Barcelona 2 years ago, Sebastian Lara (we look like we were brothers in Bcn, hahaha…). So same story, caching up, whats he is been up to and so on. We do talk over fb sometimes but not enough. Yesterday was one of the hottest days in Mendoza, 41º!”


“That didn’t stopped me of going for a skate. The guys told me “Sergi, is really hot” and I was like “is fine, no problem, we can deal with this.

Once we got to the park was crazy hot! They were saying that never skated with that hit. Of course that for me was really hot but was fine. I put some suncream on my shoulders and face and I was ready to go.”

Mendoza bindings

Mendoza bindings

“The park wasn’t the best to be honest. The park was incomplete, you could only go one way, the budged ended so they only build one way. The only good line on the park was one hip. I didn’t see Enzo skate for long time, only in a few videos. He has a damm great snowboard style. His spins are so stylish, I was like wtf? Who is this guy?”

Enzo, melon to fakie transfer

Enzo, melon to fakie transfer

“Was great to see a rider with that potential. We filmed a few tricks but, yes, was too hot. The wheels were burning, the copings were on fire, you just couldn´t fall.

We took off went back home… had a lot of water, talked and talked and we had a weird nap&siesta! They were telling me was too hot to go out.

When we woke up had some snacks. Went to downtown, well, Mendoza is not so big 2.000.000 persons. We went to a bar of a friend of Enzo, there we meet with so many other friends of them. This guys knew every single persons we were crossing. That quite remember me to Bcn. Already I had a great feeling about this city. Once there a big storm came up, was raining like hell. We chilled there for a couple hours, drinking beers, sodas for me… My stomach was a bit empty at that point. After that, we went into a Hostal where the owner is another friend of Enzo. There you just could go and eat or drink without been a client. That hostal was sick, great decoration, a massive swimming pool, great garden with elastics and so many other activities. We ordered a few pizzas. Was getting late, about 23.00pm

Enzo had to go to his bar and work and so on. So all we split up. Went home, chilled, I looked a the footage, the pictures and had a damm great cold shower, ready to go. Some guys came to the house, the more time we were here the more guys came. So we did a preve, (thats what they say for: drinking, getting ready before going to the club).
Around 02.00am I was almost falling asleep, Sebastian was like, dude let’s go and we left with another guy, Petu.

Went to the first club Tao, 1000 people inside, no guest list but this guys knows everybody, no entry fee, not paying for the drinks and so on… Thanks Diego, you have a great place: The music is not the best kind, Cumbia. I never heard Cumbia before I came to Argentina but as I said yesterday is the R&B of Arg. I enjoyed, is fun but weird to dance sometimes.

Around 04.00am was time to move. Sebastian was like “you are gone love this place now”. ‘Por Aca Bar’, the meaning of this club was… hahaha to finish, to cum hahahha… “About to cum”. Anyway this place was way smaller than the other one but they were playing Rock&indy. Again this guys knew everybody inside, free entry, free drinks. This place got me so many flashbacks. I could imagine I was in Barcelona for a while at the Reeble Room from CityHall or in Nasty Mondays. Pogos here are there, sweaty as hell, jumping arounds, drinks flying all over me… My last shoes I have for the trip are destroyed. Well dirty as hell.

Was almost 07.00am, rare sun was coming up again… Damm it, never saw the sun come up so many times… We went to Mc Donald’s for breakfast. How great ha? You can´t lie, who never went to Mc after going out? We came home, sooner I got into the bed failed asleep.”



“I couldn’t write last night, I’m doing it now at 09.40 am. I’m on the bus, almost in Mendoza after 600 km, this bus has wifi! :). I slept on the bus almost all the way 12h so far now…”

'Manuel Belgrano'

‘Manuel Belgrano’

 “Anyway, yesterday in Córdoba was one of the hotest day ever, I really didn’t wanted to go out at all.”

'El faro del bicentenario'

‘El faro del bicentenario’

“The little wind that was blowing was damm hot, burning almost. I only had one mission yesterday.”


“We found this rail that I waned to hit, we did a bike ride till the spot.”


“Once there, we meet with Alan, a local skater that showed us a bit around. The rail was perfect ,why to lie. Low rail, long , grass in one of the sides… but the entry and the landing had stones and sand, horrible. So were a few several problems to hit it.”


“We walked around to find some wood. Wasn’t so hard, there were a lot of construction going on around that area. After 30min or so we had the spot ready.”


“All done, ply woods, cameras and the motivation.

“Alan the skater was hitting the rail first. I had some problems to hit the rail. For a long time I didn’t had that fear, that a lot of you guys know about. I just couldn’t jump. I look and look again, scream.. I had a big fight on my head. I was talking to myself, “Sergi you can do this!” and the other me said, “Yes dude you can…” but when i was going to hit it something crossed my mind and stopped me.

Then I was like, “if i do not at list try this shit I’m never coming back here. Do it!” Took me a while till the 1st hit. Right after the first go, was everything more smooth.”


“Took me a few tries to make it all to the bottom, but was totally worth it. That mental fight, you need it sometimes. I passed, doesn’t mean that always has to be like that. We were on the way home, i was so happy :) . Smiling and proud. I had a big dinner made by Boris. Was time for me to leave Córdoba, Juan and Boris walked me to the station… and some other riders were in the terminal to say goodbye.”

Boris O., melon to fakie

Boris O., melon to fakie 

“Was great to meet all this guys, new friends, I actually was a bit sad to leave them! A bit gay but I had a lot of fun! Thanks!

Well I just got into Mendoza, time to walk out of the bus… New friends, new experiences and more skating new spots… Lets go!”



“06.30am, I can’t write, too much sun out… need to sleep.”


“Woke up this morning destroyed. Yesterday was a long day. I left the house with Boris, at 16.00pm was 40ºdegrees, extremely hot!
Since we don’t know the city and no one has a car, we decided to walk and try luck to find spots to skate before we hit any spots.
I bougth my bus ticket to Mendoza, another 650km by bus, the ticket was 330 pesos, like 25€ , not a bad prize but is almost like going from Barcelona to Madrid, and the prize is almost the same. Anyway, onceIi got my ticket we were in the direction of our first spot, Plaza de las Americas. We asked some skaters and they told us this place was sick. As always the skaters knows the best spots. The spot was a killer. We chilled for a while after almost 1h walking, with that hit!”
Plaza del centro-1
“Boris had some pain on his knee, he couldn’t really skate much… He was my filmer and photographer. He is learning how to film. Glad this dude came with me in a big part of my tour.”
“We got a great line, great shoot and was time to move to the next. The destination was the University. This place was build in 1600. This place was so damm huge. Walked and walked till we found some flat rails. Got some tricks down.. This place was a bit destroyed. Was late and dark, was a bit scary… We were close to the park, we walked all the way there, took us almost 1h hour more.”
Javier Oliva, indy

Javier Oliva, indy

“Once there we chilled and waited for the people to show up, drinking and eating something at a small terrazze.”
Facundo, indy

Facundo, indy

“A lot of guys showed up tonight. I meet a new streetboarder, Facundo, He was a cool dude and great style. My legs couldn’t handle much more.”
Sergi and Tincho

Sergi and Tincho

“Was hard to ride but I was skating with all the guys, I just couldn’t resist to skate in such a great park. Who knows when I will be back.”
Chilling in the park -1
“After the park, we went to a local bar where I showed the guys DROP THIS, no one saw it before. They were like whhhaaattt??? Hanging there for a while, talking about what ever laughing and so on. We moved to down town, Córdoba. We guys had some drinks, and I was really ready to go home, I was death. Is that the age? I’m getting old? Before I used to be able to handle anything…
The most fun of the day came now: We were really far from home and didn’t want to pay a taxi. I borrow Boris board, he had big soft wheels on the board and I was pulled by the moto&bike from Milu, all the way home!”
“So great, took us less than 10min to get home, 40km/h. Was hard to concentrate, was trying to film, take pics… I was worried, my legs were a bit shaky, we were home save.
Today last day in Córdoba. Let’s roll!”



“The days here in Córdoba are really slow. No one likes to go skate during the day because is too hot. I really understand the feeling. + The sun is really strong now a days. We went on a small walk to see a few things on the neighborhood and buy some food. Milu made us some small asadito with some good and fresh meet. The meal was delicious. We didn’t left the house till 19.30pm, I think that never happened to me. Hanging out at home that long… then the day starts. Boris and I walked till “La Muni”, took us around 15-20 cadres. Here people doesn’t know about distances, you ask around and one says “40 cuadras”, ask again 15 cadres… so weird. We got to the spot after 30min. Nice walk around the city center. The homies were there skating already, we just had to join them right a way. Small ledge, but fun to warm up for the next spot. I asked Santi if he was ready to go to the other spot. The other spot is a famous 15 stair rail. The rail was perfect but the entrance was a bit damaged, had a big holes for the water to run… but still you were able to hit it.”

Santiago Moreno, frontside smithgrind

Santiago Moreno, frontside smithgrind

“Santi told me is just psychological. First problem, security, after talking for a while with him he gave us just 15min (he was nice about it), I was stressed already! Wanted to do some tricks and take pictures,and I couldn’t do it all. Tincho went down the rail and Santi did a fs 0.5 really clean…. I didn’t had enough time to hit the rail with a good trick… that 15min went to fast and the security guy came so quick. I was mad, no great footage on a great rail, damm it. Thats the shitty part about skating street sometimes… I got a bit frustrated. Went to another spot in the other side of town, a huge kinkrail, no one wanted to hit that one… so do I , was too big and too late for that one. We hanged out in that spot for a few hours, eating empanadas argentinas. Tincho was telling me about the global situation that Argentina is living in this moment. I can’t believe that a lot of plunders (saqueos) been happening 1 month ago here in Córdoba. Crazy fights people against people and police was in strike. The all city was going crazy! When I heard this from Tincho, the real reality… not the things that you watch on tv. My head is thinking, how can we complain about the crisis, back in Eurpope? When here the city is fighting against the city to protect what is yours… God this is so scary. After that talk I got a bit paranoid about the whole situation here, should i be becarefull?

After that, was getting pretty late.. Didn’t skate anything, well just a bit, I had so much energy on me. The only way I could get my stress out was going to the skatepark, where everyone could skate. In the end just 5 of us went. Finally this park was empty , not all but not 150 people as the last times I went. So you could skate a bit more relaxed, I had a really great session, that park you can run run run and hit so many different obstacles that you never get to stop, I love it. Tincho thanks for the filming last night ;), was about 04.00am when I took my board off , all sweaty and relaxed. Walked home with Boris and I had some 2nd toughts mind while the walk… That someone will come or something… in the end nothing happened. I was starving, I ate a big plate of pasta! Did some whatever in fb played around a bit… and snoring time…”


“I woke up really full and tired today. I ate too much pizzas last night and the session last night was pretty long. Didn’t feel to do anything at all… Milu was cutting some prototypes and he was telling me more about his boards. Is really interesting to hear about new stuff. I went for a run after having something to eat. I felt really heavy, not so nice to run like that. Tincho and a few others came to the house and we were hanging in the house till the sun was going down. Here the guys always ride at night time, something that I like about it and some part no.”

Luciano M., fs lipslide

Luciano M., fs lipslide

“Again we went to same park. Full as always once agai, hard to ride. You can’t really think about your trick or line, you just have to search for the right space to go and hit the difference obstacles. I skated for like 2h non stop. Once I get strapped in I just can’t stop.”

Sergio Nicolas (not Sergi), fs stalefish

Sergio Nicolas (not Sergi), fs stalefish

“Today we were more riders and many people asked about boards today, where you get them? , how much they are and so on the typical ones. Im sure all of you get that kind of questions daily.”

Santi teacher-1

“Santi and I teach 2 little girls, that after a few minutes they were aisle to move. I don’t know why but girls always learn faster than the boys.”

More kids-1

“After the lessons I really wanted to skate a bit more but was so stressful, always someone was cutting me the line i was going for so i decided to stop, before i was getting really angry.”

Tincho, fs indy

Tincho, fs indy

“I took the camera and I shoot some pics to the guys. That was more relax than skating.”

Luciano M, fs melon

Luciano M, fs melon

“Here once you take a camera to take pictures or film everyone respects you more, and they stop skating around you or they pretend to be your friend, so you film them or take pictures of them.”


“Was around 01.00am and I was starving… We went to have my first ‘ChoriPan’, one of the famous fast-food from Argentina. The skatepark is situated on a top a hill, and there are a lot of, small trailers where you can find all kinds of food. If you ever come to Argentina is a must. Everyone waned to go out and I was like … today I need to sleep, need to rest…



“Slow day, we woke up late, everyone was destroyed. The day after is the worst for some riders, that are not use to skate that hard for 2 days in a row.”


“I didn’t feel amazing but I have some energy left, for a skate maybe later on the day.”

wifi river

“Ojito drove me to the river where is the only area with wifi in the city. When I was done, a bird shit on my head and shoulder. Some they said is good luck. Is it…? Got some food, drinks and walked with the guys to the bus terminal. Both the bus tickets, Villa Maria to Córdoba 230km, for 60 pesos 5€. Transportation is one of the things that is so cheap here. All the guys passed out on the bus till Cordoba.

Taxi ride for 10min and got to MIlu’s home.(thanks for letting me be at your place homie).

Well I’m gone tell you a bit about this dude. He’s been riding since the 96 and his first board was a Snakeboard USA”Skinner”. Now he rides his own boards and prototypes. The future board company name is “Free on Board”. He’s been studying Industrial design, so he really knows what he is doing. His workshop is his home with big space. His boards are a bit more different. I’m gone make him some questions:

proto 3-1

Whats the differences the regular boards with your boards?

My board is a different option for the riders. The neck is 3 times more stronger than the regular boards, has more surface for the force distribution that makes the board flex less when you land your tricks, and is only one piece of wood&fiber and slick. It’s a WSA stander and works with any pivot system.

proto 1-1 Proto-1

Is that the future?


milu trucks

What about your trucks, you also make them your self?

I do all the design from all the parts of my board. They are WSA , they been tested for 1 year. They work great, are 450gm each. They are a convination between demons and viking trucks from Dimension but they are a bit more lower. That means lower gravity center. They are made with dura aluminum and heat treated steel axles.

What about your pivot system?

Its similar Grossos . The hardware diameter is 8mm, the same as the wheel. So you only need one tool… Is way lighter, I use plastic and standard bearings. They are way lighter and they work as good or better.

free on board

When are you gone launch your company?

I’m searching for a business partner worldwide. I have all the resources, designs, tools but not the money, as always.

Did you got some orders, at some point?

All the boards that arounds are prototypes.

proto 2-1

Any last worlds?

I’m open to speak with anybody who is interested on boards, with no compromise add on Facebook: Luciano Milutin or email me:

HI to everyone who knows me hahaha… Keep riding.



After a few hours waching his work, I can tell this guy is ready to build shit. I have seeing great designs in his computer, different trucks, shapes… Great ideas! Keep doing the work you are doing bro! AGUANTE! AGITEN!

Lautaro Salvá, fs 5050

Lautaro Salvá, fs 5050

“We went for a chill skate session to the new local par. “Parque Sarmiento”. Guys if you ever here, come! This park is sick! The session was not gone go crazy but, don’t know what happened that we started hitting the big rail… Non stop! Santi was ready for his 5TF. He killed! One of the best 5TF for a long time… We were like 10 guys skating. This park is huge, I’m sure was more than 100 people riding , crazy!”

All you can eat

All you can eat

After a long session we went to “all you can eat”. You pay 40 pesos , 3,5€ , and you can order how many pizzas you want…. CRAZYYYY !! Went out for a little bit , some drinks…. and went home. time to sleep 06.30am.



Chilling in the river-1

“What a great day! We woke up around 11 am, was too hot to go skate. Javier Oliva, the local one in VIlla Maria, told us about a river that you could go and swim.”


“Was almost down town. Was pack and a little bit of current. The water was cold but was so hot.”

JUmp in the river villamaria

“We didn’t mind of taking out the clothes boxers time and jump into the river. The guy that we are staying with, his internet didn’t work and I could´t make the update last night. I asked Javier I need wifi, and he goes, Dude you got free wifi in the river! And I’m like, what? Here? And he answered yeah dude! The connection was damm fast, I was really surprised, that in such a small city, they got this. Great!”

“After hanging out in the river for a while people was ready to go and skate. We went to the same park as last night. I really like this park. is so simple, so fast, so many things you can hit in one line. I could give to this park a 9! Is nothing crazy but if you like ledges ,rails and some trancition, this is your place! I skated non stop… for like 4h!” Was really hot, people was not into skating much. But the session was there, everyone was going big and crazy. I’m so surprised how Javier is skating, he is a killer, he docent stop at all. He does fs noseblunslides on ledges so clean and perfect, grinds all over, some huge transfers… + he never stops so he was the one I was sharing all my session with. Was a lot of people in the park, waching the session.”

“The contest started pretty late. We did two groups, amateurs and pros with 6 on each group. The contest consisted on a jam session of 10min, best lines, best tricks, you had to do your best.”

Cucu fs stalefish-1

“The amateur contest was going nuts, they were going big, trying stuff they never did before. Rodeos, 360 smithgrinds, fs&bs lipslide… Ojito (the winner) super flow and style… Btw thanks a lot, to let us stay and destroy your place. You are welcome to Bcn any time bro!”


“The pro category, another 10 minutes non stop! Mil, was just trying 1 trick the all time, 360º over the spine, till he broke his board! Santi, an excellent rider, did great bs bluntslides in every single ledge, bs krookeds… He is really consistent.”


“Javier as like all day, he didn’t stop! Bordslides, doing rails the oposite way, big transfers, noseblunts, airs… Myself.”

Javier Oliva, indy transfer

Javier Oliva, indy transfer

“I love jam sessions, you are free to do what you like, without stoping. I just used the flow, doing and hitting every single spot, jumping from a big fence to the bowl… Long great 10 min.”

Amateur podium

Amateur podium

Pro podium

Pro podium

“The motivation on the people was great. The energy, everyone was happy, and ready to party!”


“Was about 23h and we went on a crazy car drive. A pick up car, and in the back we were like 10 guys… I thought I was about to die, hahaha…”
Crazy car drive-1
“Great fun. We went to do another jam session at Protos park, a huge miniramp.” Great place, a bit on the ghuetto side. We ordered some huge burgers before the skating. Just a few guys skated…. Cucu was trying rodeos.. almost landed.”
“I did a few drops but my legs were really tired after all day riding. Was late, another crazy ride on the pick-up car. We showered and we were ready to PARTY! The club was called Quinoto (it was a south amercian razzmatazz)  5 dance floors, a lot of people everywhere. You could see that everyone was destroyed.We danced, went  a bit crazy but around 06.00 am, no one could move a finger… Villa Maria kicked ass.
“Is great to get to know new riders, and share the same feeling for one board  “STREETBOARD “.  I can tell people here in south america, they really want to skate and progress but here is been a big issue for long time, NO BOARDS!  As I was talking with a few guys last night, these great reunions, jams, session, contest are a great injection of energy for your riding. When you are skating and not thinking about anything else, you are just riding, you and your board, and your passion.  I FUCKING LOVE TO RIDE.  Now hitting the road again, next stop CORDOBA.”




“So tired this morning, skating everyday and going out almost every night… I had some problems with my SDcard reader last night. This morning I had breakfast and I went to buy a new one, took me a while to find a store. Soones I got it run to the hostal and passed all the pictures and videos from yesterday.”

never ever-1

“When Boris woke up , we went to the other hostal that they rip us off big time! They had no water, was really guetto, the service was horrible. We tried to get the money back but the manager didn’t show up, no one wanted to pay us anything. We took the plate of the hostal. Now everyone know that if you come to Rosario never ever stay at Flor Hostal.
After that we went to the  same supermarket as yesterday, sit down and made some sandwiches. We were ready to roll, stomach full!
We  were trying to find some spots we found on google. When we got there, we couldn’t skate. Plaza civica, there many years ago, they used to kill and torture the comunists. I had an horrible feeling being there (was  way too big the gap for me that early).”
Boris chilling -1
“After a little while… “Bingo”! A nice drop to the road and some gaps… Really random spots but great footage! Boris found another little square last night, Plaza libertad. Some banks, huge rail and a great bowl on contruction.”
Broken Wheel-1
“Boris tried to gap, 10 big stairs, a few falls, trying 360, one of the wheels fall off. Trick no landed. Boris was pissed.”
Plaza civica-1
We were running out of time because we had to go pick up the Bus to Villa Maria. I told him culiado, let’s go to the a store. Boards Paradise was the store, great service, great people. If you are in Rosario you must go there. We were late, went back to the hostal, pick up the stuff and took a taxi to the Bus terminal. Our bus was at 21.40 , this bus never came… We waited for 3h,  Boris found another bus that was going to Villa Maria, he managed with the bus driver to let us ride on it. 4h after off a really deep deep sleep”.
Welcome in VIlla Maria-1
“Boris woke me up, we are in Villa Maria! 10 streetboarders were waiting for us . Time was 03.00am. I was so surprised , such a hot warm welcome!”
Sergi fs blun-1
“The guys wanted to ride, we had a crazy session! I was so happy to see so many riders together, was great! + also really good level.”
“I filmed another 5 trick Flick, this time to Javier Oliva. Great skater, good style… I meet him in 2001 in Buenos Aires.
Such a great time to film, 05.00am… the guys were skating non stop, I was death but I also skated a little bit. The park they have is small but is well done. Rails, mini bowl, ledges with great sices… small but perfect.”
Air to feacky-1
Now we are in some guys home, all the riders together. Such a cool feeling sharing one passion. STREETBOARDING!”
Hasta el Final-1
 “Its late 06.20am, need to sleep.
Tomorrow miniramp contest. Lets go!”



“The day from yesterday didn’t ended yet. We left Juan’s home at 07 am without sleep to catch up the bus, destination Rosario. The bus was 4h and to be honest I didn’t realize the bus leaving Buenos Aires till Boris woke me up in Rosario. Fantastic trip, I really enjoyed the views…”

sergi boris bus

“Gabriel, a local streetboarder came to pick as up. We took a bondi (bus) to downtown. Walked with the big bags till we found  a hostal for 70 pesos a night, was a bit guetto but was ok. We left the bags, took the cameras and boards and we were ready to roll.”
boris bocatas
“1st stop supermarket, we made some sandwiches just out side of the market. We were pretty tired, to be honest. Gabri explained us a bit about the city, mind while we were walking to our first stop, Plaza España.”
Boris, backside wallride fs 180 out

Boris, backside wallride fs 180 out

“Like all the cities, they all have a famous square where skaters, bmx, build they own stuff. So this one was the one, a lot of skaters, people hanging out…”
Local, gap

Local, gap

“This place was sick! Next to the river “Parana”, beautiful.”
river rosario
“Such a great nature, next to the park. We skated filmed some lines, I was dying. I couldn’t make it, I was about to die… wasn’t hard but sometimes takes time.”
Locals rosario
“After the session we hanged out with some locals we meet, Gala and Rosario, they were cute.”
Smile rubia rosario
“We were so thirsty and they offer us something to drink and we keeped chating.
After chilling a bit we went to see the “Monumento a la Bandera”(this place represent the flag of Argentina) is really pretty.”
La Bandera_rosario
“Walked a bit more around the river. We found a huge gap and Boris did a huge fs 180. We were almost death, went back to the hostal, and surprise… all dirty and sweaty. The hostal had no water, we couldn’t take a shower. So we had a little fight with the boss and left that place. We don’t have the money back, we need to go tomorrow morning. We packed and walked away to seach for another one. Took us  6 streets to find another one, a bit more expensive but totally worth it! Great showers, damm fast wifi, clean, bar and a lot of nice people.”
"My new British Knights shoes."

“My new British Knights shoes.”

“After a damm long shower, we really didn’t want to leave the place but we were meeting some friends of mine, Raquel and Nayla, 2 girls that I worked with them in Barcelona the pass summer.  Nayla a local from here, took us to a nice place out, next to the river. An outdoor restaurant, a band playing alive some Bob Marley music, was really chill. We had a great Milanesa with french fries. Was getting dark and went to a club in the harbour for a little while.”
“And now I’m here 04.50 am, again late as always. God I’m gone die someday, we still don’t know what are we doing tomorrow. We need to take another bus to go to VIlla Maria but we are not sure. We like Rosario, maybe one more night? Saturday we must be there, big miniramp contest is  happening.”


2nd stop: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA



“Early morning, Boris woke me up at 12am. I know for some people is late but I went to bed really late, so that gives me an excuse, right? Any way, didn’t took us too long time to leave the house today, we are getting better. We went to the most underground Bar in “La Boca”,  from the uncle of Juan. He is an artist, but he has more fun doing pizzas, so he does art and pizzas in his home&warehouse.”

Lunch time_buenosaires

“He makes a living from both of them. The pizzas were one of the best I ever trieed… Our stomach were so full, we verly could walk.”


 “Slowly, we walked to the famouse area of “La Boca”, this place is one of the most touristics places in Buenos Aires.”


“Everyone is asking why every single house is painted with different colours and here is the anwer  the marines who lived in that area used the paints that were left after they painted their boats. The two streets that are painted with so many different colours have a lot of stores, bars, artis, for all the tourists who come and visit.”


“Another thing, why the colours of the football team “Boca” are the swedish colors? Well, back in the days someone said, “the first boat that arrives to the harbour, we will use the colors”. So the first boat that arrived was from Sweden. Good way for choosing, ha?”


 “In the area we meet some girls from Canada, that Juan teach them how to skate. We told them we were gone to skate to a really cool place blablabalba… and they came along with us.”


 “We went again to the Pacha park, my last skate here in Buenos Aires. Today the park wasn’t full, so I could skate more relaxed, and I found some really good new lines. I was jumping around like a kid for 2h non stop! I just couldn’t stop, the feeling was so great!”


  “Juan was doing some huge 360º over the spine. Boris was to tired to skate today, this guy has a day life and a night life NON STOP! It’s 06.17am and he is still awake talking to Juan ahhahaha….

The park closed at 20pm, as always… way too early but was a good time, I was dead already. We went to Juan’s granma’s. She lives in one of the highest building in Buenos Aires. Juan told me was a duty. I also wanted a shoot from the top of the city and was totally worth it. The granma was such a cool one, 86 years but she was really cool.”


 “Was around 22pm, went home, as always music, facebook, pictures, retouching, insta, videos… I packed my backpag (I’m leaving BS with Boris, to Rosario). We had our special dish: rise, onion and carrots . Healthy? Damm hell cheap! We went out, was not a killer night because was too late to start the night but… on our way home there was a big fight. For no reason a travesti came screaming to us, saying what the fuck is your problem bla bla bla… police came and nothing happened. We keeped walking and she/he passed with a taxi, started to scream and Boris scream back. She/he stoped the taxi, came down and there it was a BIG FIGHT,  I really don’t like fights but he/she deserved it big time! He&she took a big piece of concrete, boaboaobdofbdofdsofnodfnodnfodfndfkdfokdknfdkf… Boris fuck the shit out of him… Argentinaaaaa locuraaaaaaaaa

Boris a great warrior ahahahha anyway i need to get ready we are leaving to Rosario in 1h, we need to go to the terminal. “



“Long day as always here in Buenos Aires. When I woke up was raining big time. Felt nice after such a hot days we had. I had a big breakfast, bred with an omelette, breakfast of champions. I was doing some work in the computer, emails, facebook, instagram, updates… Boris was supposed to come pick me up but he never showed up. I was getting bored and I needed some exercise, wasn’t raining that much anymore, so I though about going for a run. After 6km and some small workout I was feeling better and more relaxed.

All the plans I had for today changed last minute. Nicolas Cucurullo asked me if I waned to go to his house, to skate his ramp, and I said: “Why not? Let`s go” everything is wet outside.

Cucurulo Park

“He came to Juan’s, pick me up and we drove for like 30-45min. I fall asleep in the car. Once we go there he showed me serval oldschool decks, and 2 brand new cartel 56. Toni Alvarez I though about you when I saw them. Then we went to another room and there it was Cucurulo’s ramp.

Nicolas C., melon

Nicolas C., melon

 “Great miniramp but dust all over. This warehouse used to be a carpentry so you can imagine the rest, right? Any way, we were 5 in the session and I filmed to Nico his 5 trick flick. He made some standadr tricks but the last one I really cant still believe it! Alle-hop bs noseblunt 180 out, so clean, so perfect. I was like WTF?! Llong time I didn’t see that trick. I really can’t verly do that, so sick!”

Sergi stale-1


 “”After a long/sick session we started to talk about the sport once again, like always, questions, Why is no people that wants to start streetboarding?  Whats the best way to promote the sport? Why there are no more companies ? Why is not as popular as a skateboard? Why big brands don’t want to promote streetboarding?  Why is no young riders? Why riders stop riding? Who has the best style?  Whats the best video? Is it hard to produce boards? These are questions that are a rutine, they are really common on this talks. Is there someone out there, that can help out to make Streetboarding HUGE? Or some ideas that some other people could use?”

Sergi smithgrap-1

“After that Nico drove me back home around 00pm. I was starving, I really didn’t feel like cooking at all. I went down stairs to one bar that opens 24/7 and I got 2 empanadas and a slize of pitzza for the prize of 34 pesos, 2,8€. Hell cheap ha?
Today I got really bad news, one of my big projects of 2014 fall apart but I´m not going to give up… I’m going to follow my dream, till the end!
Long day tomorrow, I should go to bed… 04.26am.
Big skating plans for tomorrow :) !”


“05:24am and I’m starting to write about my day, god… Can’t deal with these hours anymore, is killing me!

Is hard to go to bed early here. Anyway, woke up so late today, I was supposed to go on a run but I was really lazy. Boris came to pick me up around 14pm.

“1st stop was breakfast, we ate some bananas and next a natural orange juice. We were ready to roll.

Backside 50-50 backside  180 melon

Backside 50-50 backside 180 melon

“The spots were not far from the house today. Is about like 10 min walking. A few years a gothe state build a small miniramp, and with the years, the riders bmx, in-liners, skaters has build diferent obstacles. Many rails, some ledges, so became like a skate plaza, build by riders for riders.”
Boris, melon to fakie

Boris, melon to fakie

“The only bad problem about this place was the floor, full of broken glass and rough surface. Was hard to ride but didn’t stop us to try it out. The session was a bit long, and without water! Today was 35º, hard conditions but I rather hot than winter. In the end I really enjoyed that spot but all the flat rails were so high that was hard to do combos or really hard tricks. I never saw Boris ride ramp, and today he really surprised me with a huge melon to fakie. He normally rides street, he likes to go fast, with big wheels…

Frontside feeble 360 out

Frontside feeble 360 out

“After that spot we were walking home actually and we found this perfect ledge in the middle of a huge avenue.”

“First though, is perfect, I can do something here. I didn’t realize that the floor sucked big time and not much space to enter to the ledge. Well ,1h.30min after a bs blunslide went down, without water… I was about to faint. We ran fast to Kiosko. Some juice, water and more water… That was so so needed! We chilled on a bank in the shadow for a littel while. I bought some food for the next few days. Eggs, bred, salad, carrots, pasta, onions, tomatoes, rise, cheap, cheap. Big time budged food!”


“We had a great dinner with a big salad and lentils, healthy and cheap.  Right after Pipo came pick us up and we went to see “Bombas del tiempo”, a percusion show but we were late and finished when we arrived.

Monday night, no party in Buenos Aires, now is when I say: “I miss “Nasty Mondays”!” My favourite party in Barcelona.”

 “So in the end we went going home and work and mess around a bit. Juan and I made the edit  from the meeting in Cordoba a few months a go (almost lost footage. The video was done  at 05.20am…”


 “Juan did the poster of the next contest, this weekend in Villa Maria (Córdoba).

And now I’m writting… I mix letters, mix persons, conlusion and is not a  good time to write.  Crazy weather, now is rainning big time!
Today Crisitan Dedeu finished my video of my last stay in the US: “Sergi Nicolas in the U.S.” if you didn’t see it, have a look. Cristian, thanks bro! Don’t know what I will do without you ;)
Colin Horan thanks for your article, and the words  to the Spanish scene.
Juannnnnn Boludo let’s go to bed, stop waching yourself in the videoooo go to bedddddd!”


“When you go to bed late you wake up late. Such a slow morning, afternoon, nap… some more snacks till Pipo came to pick me up at 18.00pm.

“I been organazing my next few days and is about time to move to another town and keep doing the tour. Wednesday I’m leaving Buenos Aires with Boris to other towns in Argentina, tomorrow we’ll going buy the bus tickets.”
"Where is the plane?"

“Where is the plane?”

  “We went to the same park as yesterday, the one next to Pacha. Love that park but today was so so so full of people and iI was so death from the day before. So I ride a bit but more cruising around, here and there, mothing crazy.


“Pipo went huge today! I don’t know from where this guy takes that power to skate! Kill it every single day! So yeah, he was the show man today, flying around. To close the session he ended up doing a alle-hop rodeo 720, that was sick! Pipo has such a particular style, so fast, so furious when he rides but at the same time is so natural, is great to wach him!”

Popcorn time

Popcorn time

“We moved to the next spot “Mataderos” park. We skated for another couple hours more… The session wasn’t the best but when we took our boards off, all the homies we started to talk about streetboarding :) , the industry, the boards, the bindings…

Quilmes beer

Quilmes beer


 “Why 9 plys, why less? Why this truck? Why not? All the good parts and all the bad parts. What could be the best and so on… I have to say Pipo has crazy ideas! Love it ;) , all the riders are keep asking me or asking theyr selfs WHY STREETBOARDING IS NOT HUGE? HOW CAN WE DO TO MAKE IT BIGGER? WHY? WHY? And I do not have the answer, if someone has an idea please contact me :) and TELL ME ! Let´s do it, I’m sure everyone has great ideas how to make it happen, let´s do it!”

"Let's go and make out?"

“Let’s go and make out?”

 “After that talk we went to Wen house down town. No comments for the house, never saw something like that. 1000m2, so many rooms, so many balconys, terrazes… if I would be alone inside there, will never be able to manage to get out of there. He made us some home made pizzas. Such an old house from the 1800 and still has some really old school stuff.  Don’t know if I could live in such a place.”


“Please for reasons of hygiene do not spit on the floor” 1909

 Well that was my sunday, great day out in the sun doing what I love :) and share that with my homies!

I can’t forget about skating, my bed is in the middle of a miniramp. I’m having the best dreams ever!
Good night.”


 “Long day my friends, we all meet at Juans at 15 but as always here in Argentina, everyone is late and not 5-10min, 1h and so on… and they don’t care, is all good. I meet with Raquel in the house, I meet her in Barcelona, we were working together and she is travelling in South America for a few months (good to see you girl).”

park buenos aires

 “So we ended up leaving with a few cars to the Skatepark, “Pacha”. My first though was: this park looks sick!”Dosen’t look like an argentinian park at all. I had a long walk about the park, checking all the stuff, took me a while was quite big and they also had a freeride build next to the park for the longboarders, what I think is great. At the park I meet with some of my homies from Barcelona, Santi, Leandro, Sofia, Farts and Alexandra.”

Bcn hommies -1

 “Was so weird to see you guys here, in your home town… now the roll is the other way around now I’m here, in your home :) ! Good to see you, hope to catch up this week with you guys and go for a street ride.”


 “The session started slow but ended up crazy, doing taka-takas… we were riding all together, following each other… the security guy of the park had to come and kick us out, we didn’t wanna leave, we were on fire… The guys were killing it and everyone was so motivated. Diego came from Brazil, everyone was hype!”

Ivan, fs air

Ivan, fs air

“I did some huge tranfers that I though I coulnd’t do… I was flying :) great feeling today on the board. That feeling you get that you can’t explain happened today ig Time. I love to ride… I feel so confortable with my board, it reach to a point that the board does what you want him to do… so fantastic :) “




The crew

The crew


“After that sick session we drove back to Juan’s to make the second session, the wallride contest. Some people came to the house, was laugh, music, people everywhere… We created a house party ! At Guemes 4830. I went to have some dinner at subway with Manu (a girl who rides longboard, today she put his finger out of place, and she alone put it back together and went to ride again! So hardcore, so impress) had the sandwich of the day plus a drink and cookie, 36 pesos (3€), so Cheap!”

Diego Romero, Juan Sáenz, Pipo Grosso and Sergi Nicolas

Diego Romero, Juan Sáenz, Pipo Grosso and Sergi Nicolas

 “We were only 4 riders for the contest, the rest they were just waching.! Was good vibrations around, so local, music, drinks… really fun! We had a jam session of 30min. Diego went crazy with a fs wallride 450 out and Juan did a massive&huge bs wallride to 270 out! The winner of the best trick… and I won the highest wallride with 2.25cm from the coping, so scary ahhaha Juan was really close with 2.22cm… “

Juan Sáenz, wallride to fakie

Juan Sáenz, wallride to fakie

Diego Romero, wallride 450 out

Diego Romero, wallride 450 out


“So many people in the house, do’t know who brough to the house some huge asado argentino, meat, meat and more meat, I was really happy. After that, someone else brough cupcakes :) , and for the killer Boris brought some home made ice cream from his parents store, DELICIOUS. I had a perfect 2nd dinner after the contest.”

Sergi Nicolas, highest wallride

Sergi Nicolas, highest wallride

 “We hang out a while more in the house, was getting a bit wild to be honest. This house is huge, a lot of rooms, a lot of people… I’m not gone to tell details, you can imagine the rest.  About almost 04:00 a.m we went to a bar&club where they were playing local rock&roll, forgot the name, till 06.30. Was a fun night, a lot of laughs all over… screaming and getting crazy jumping around, loving it!

 Such a great full day, #friends #party #skatepark #streetboard #streetboarding #buenosaires #wallride #contest #southamericatour #streetboardermag #happy #life #lifestyle #goodnight #sunrise !!!!! #08.00am #bedtime”



“I woke up quite late today as I went to bed not so early. I went to the post office to send some postcards. I left the house without having any breakfast, I was hungry. I saw a guy in the street who was making fresh orange juice for 15 pesos (1,30€) , a big glass and I didn’t doubt a  minute to buy one (I might have one of those every day, so cheap).

Pink House bs aires

“Boris came to pick me up around 15:00. Took us a while before we left the house as always. We walked to the first spot that was like 25min, not a good start… anyway was noth worth it, the rail I wanted to skate had skate-stopers.
Then another small walk, to get the subway. Here something happen that totally freaked me out. We took the train in the wrong direction and we asked the worker if we could turn around and he said no, I got really pissed. He said do all the line and wait till the train turn around or you’ll pay again. That’s how helpfull they were, really impressed. So what we did is go to the other side and jump the fensc :) , I’m use to it, to do it back home in Barcelona, was nothing new.
Boris bs noseslide-1
“So we were in our spot “Universidad de Medicina” and we skated a  bit but this spot is great for skaters, a lot of flat to play game of skate. But for us just a few rails and ledges. Boris did a pretty sweet bs noseslide.”
Aguas argentinas

Aguas argentinas

“We walked in town a bit. This city is beatiful, great buildings, great colours, I like it, it feels a bit like Barcelona some how. Boris told me about a beatiful building that had a tall flat rail that was close by, I didn’t though much about saying “let´s go”. That building is Aguas Argentinas (Argentinian Water).”
Sergi fs smith  aguas arg
 “The rail was pretty high but I managed doing a fs smith 360 out, first try before the security guy came out and hell at us…”
Break time !!!-1
“Home time, I cooked some pasta with vegis for the homies, later did some facebook, answering some emails, chat with several people and then we took off. We walked in Palermo area for ever, 3h…  with the dog of Juan, his name is Hadouken, he is so sweet and smart dog.
I’m really excited for tomorrow for the big meeting & wallride contest is happening, let’s see if I can get the highest wallride.
Bed time, 04.07am, my legs are destroyed and I
need to rest, hard to rest 100% when you are not in your bed…”


“My room might be the best one ever but the bed is not at all confortable. I woke up with such a pain in my back but that didn’t make me stop of going out for a 11km run.

Today was raining a bit so we decided to go to Skatepark eh? Park,  an indoor park situated in the location of Bernal, 25km a way from the center of Buenos Aires.”


 “On our way to the park we were driving on the freeway, here you must pay on the good roads but today was free, when you were getting close to the gate where you normally pay the fense was up,  so you just could go on without paying, I was shock.”

"Eva Peron, wife of Juan Domingo Peron, president of Argentina in 1940."

“Eva Peron, wife of Juan Domingo Peron, president of Argentina in 1940.”

“When I came here to Argentina for the World Championships 2001 I came to this park (is good to see that some parks are still running). The park has changed a lot,  a new big bowl, a terraze, bar area, shop area… The street course changed a bit too. Made me happy to skate on a park where I had riding many years a go.”

Nico Curullo, huge fs nosegrab

Nico Curullo, huge fs nosegrab

 “The session was a killer, Nico and Juan had a battle doing the most high air and they were pretty pretty high! Nico had some of the most funny slams ever…”

Juan Sáenz, fs indy

Juan Sáenz, fs indy

Pipo Grosso, massive rodeo 540 indy

Pipo Grosso, massive rodeo 540 indy

Pipo as always going fast as hell and really really high! He made a sick fs Rodeo 540! Ivan did some ally-hop 360º, they were pretty.

I did enjoy the session today but I was on pain on my foot and on my back, and I’m riding am almost broken bar, what makes my riding suck big time.
We stayed in the park till the closing.”
"Dinner time... Empanadas argentinas!"

“Dinner time… Empanadas argentinas!”

 “For dinner we had some tipical argentinian food, ‘Empanadas’, we had a big mix with some with cheese, meet, chicken… they were really really good. We payed 80 pesos, like 7€ , for that massive quantity of empanadas. The stomach was ready to party :).

Pipo came pick us up and went to Palermo area,  is where the night life is here in Buenos Aires…
05.12am time to sleep, later.”


“2014… Is  your life better? My life is the same, same life style, the only thing that I can think off is that I’m gone turn 29 this year and I propose new objectives. Did you made yours? I have a few but the 1 of my top objectives is to run a marathon, if I do not get any serious injuries I’m gone be able to make it on a good time.”

"On a subway ride with Juan."

“On a subway ride with Juan.”

“We went to skate street today (I’m so surprised of the prices here in Argentina, when you go to the supermarket the prices are almost the same as back home but the public transport is 0.30€ a single ticket, it’s grand by the government).”

"First slam of 2014..."

“First slam of 2014…”

“First big slam of the 2014, big pain on my hand and shoulder. New blood, new year… The floor was full of craks and small holes and so on… you can imagine the rest. Was 35º degrees and was hard even to breath. Some water and went back to the stairs and the trick went down ;).”

Backside K "(The rail seems perfect... and it is! But the floor SUCKS!)"

Backside K “(The rail seems perfect… and it is! But the floor SUCKS!)”

“Took another bus ride to another area of town. We tryed to buy an icecream in several stores, but all the icecreams were melted, even they were in the freezer. Still don’t really understand how  can this be possible. The buses are  a bit wild over here, the doors are open from stop to stop.”

Juan S., Big sad grab

Juan S., Big sad grab

 “We walked to our last spot ‘Law school’, where Juan, unusual, he skates street. A great 6 foot tall gap, he did a big sad grab, so stylish! I’m surprised, good job bro!

Av. Libertador "Chilling ."after the session

Av. Libertador “Chilling .”after the session

 “After the session we chilled right there, waching the city.

Its been rainning crazy the past few minutes but now, no more rain and is late time, to go to bed”.

It’s been a great start of 2014, got 2 sick tricks for my next video. Sleeping time 01.18am. Tomorrow more.”


"My new dreamland"

“My new dreamland”

 “After such a long night, didn’t sleep much at all, so hot in my new room… what a dream room, right? You wake up and before you go to the toilet and brush your teeth you drop and do a line! Love it. So that’s how my morning started (sleep like 3 hours, not good). I’m afraid… been having small pain on my foot again, same place as the last time, on the top. Normally happens when I don’t rest enough and today is new year… Aarrg, hard call.”

"The mum helping the kids"

“The mum helping the kids” 

"Lik a home with a door..."

“Lik a home with a door…”

“I brough some boards to sell in South America and today I sold my first to a guy who noone knew about it… So was a fun meeting, we will see him ride on saturday in the contest. Was a big mess when the time of the cash was coming because in Argentina you can pay in Pesos or Pesos blue. Let me explain a bit:  Pesos= official money  and Pesos Blue= not official money . It’s crazy, still I do not understand at all… there are places where you can go and ex-change money and get more, such a weid country. Last time I was here was in 2001 and in December happened “El corralito” and now is forbid to buy dolars and the country is going nuts!”

"My street in Palermo"

“My street in Palermo” 

 “We went do to some shopping because the stores are gone be close tomorrow, I made pasta boloñesa, some meat was needed. After lunch we skyped with Jay Nowman and Brinton Gundersen and made some good laughs. Of course the “talk” came up: we spend like 3h talking just about the sport, the industry, the brands, the products, the riders and so on I love to talk about it. I could do it for ever and never stop.  

Wallride Contest

Wallride Contest

“From it came out to organize a express contest, the highest wallride in Juan’s miniramp and best trick at the wallride this saturday. Is gone be sick, cant wait.”

"Juan and me at 00:00 skating and celebrating new years! Best way to start the year."

“Juan and me at 00:00 skating and celebrating new years! Best way to start the year.”

 “Chilled at home for a while, went to have a small walk around the area and at 00:00 we were skating :) The  best way to start the year, doing what you love! HAPPY 2014 & HAPPY RIDDING!”


"Great meal fish!"

“Great meal fish!”

 “It’s 06.40am in Buenos Aires. I’m with Boris and Juan, well, Juan totally passed out in the floor again as all day like a homeless! Deep sleeping… He is snoring big time! hahaha… The Sky is almost blue, beatiful sunrise…

Let’s start from the morning… Boris came to pick me up around 13h at Juan’s. We were chilling a bit till 15 that we left to skate some ledges near the house. We got a few shots till Juan and Nico came with the car to go to  a indoor park. In the end we never made it because we got in such a big mess on traffic, we ended up driving out of it, by driving in the sidewalk. In Argentina, is no rules!”
Juan the homeless in da streets!

Juan the homeless in da streets!

Frontside lipslide

Frontside lipslide

“We went to a famous streetspot named “Parque de la mujer”, we shoot some good stuff over there.”

“And Pipo, my god! What a slam!”

“After that we drove like 15 km to a spot where Pipo was about to do a feeble grind 30m long but a police man came and you can imagine the rest. :(

Tapas! :)

Tapas! :)

“Went to Pipo’s Gf , Nowi, she prepared us a great small pica-pica as you can see in the picture, kind of remember me to be back home in Barcelona, Tapas I miss you!”

23 floor  bs aires

  “Her flat has amazing views of the city, so GREAT! It’s a 23rd floor. Wouldn’t mind have that flat at all.

We hanged there for a while, ordered some pizza… the guys had a few drinks, music was starting to be more louder and louder , 01.00am “let´s go out””?
Juan death...

Juan death…

 “Nowi made some calls and got us a really sweet deal for a huge party in a private Golf Club. The music w… no coments. SO SO SO S OS SO SO LAAAATINNNN, CUMBIA…”


"Party with Pipo and Juan!"

“Party with Pipo and Juan!”

“We danced like crazy all night long! Now is 08.00a m and still here writting, I’m almost blind, can’t type more. We didn’t got a lot of footage but was a great day. A lot of fun.”

“Is hard to be here at the moment because is no water and power in different places of Buenos Aires and other cities. It’s a bit crazy situation going on, plus the weather is so hot, it’s one of the hottes summers for a long time.  It’s to late to get into more political stuff, I promise I will keep writting about it.
Good night! Or well good morning whatever…”

Pipo Grosso – 5TF from Streetboarder Magazine on Vimeo. 28-29/12/2013

"Happy in the bus"

“Happy in the bus”

 “I had a cold shower, was so needed… Im gone explain my last days how they been:

I arrived to Sao Paulo at 21.00 on friday,  (that bus already was 5 hours). When I did my first bite to my
sandwich, suddently I head my name: “Sergi… Sergi…” and there was Daniel, a brazilian streetboarder that I didn’t had chance to meet. He was really nice, open minded. He was asking me about streetboarding stuff, stances on the board, about bindings, balance on the airs, wondering about other riders. He gave me a present, a skate tool. THANKS BRO, you always need one of those. Hope we can skate together when I come back to SP.”

brazil to argentina

 “When I was at the bus for like 20 hours, I was going a bit crazy. I started to film, write and plan a bit my next few weeks, is hard because my budget is so lowe on this trip. I need to see in my next few days. I have a clear stops that I want to stop by: Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza during my time in Argentina. The 2nd night in the bus was hard as hell, couldn’t sleep like the first one. The bus was doing to many stops for my taste. “

"Lat bread with ham & cheese"

“Lat bread with ham & cheese”

 “In the border of Brazil & Argentina took for ever.  You could see that everyone in the bus was tired but at the same time happy because there were only a few hours left (the worst ones). In this bus ride been thinking a lot about what I do, what for  and the meaning of all… One of the things that always people asked me is why streetboard? And here is the answer: I been with wheels since the age of 4. I tried skateboard, in-line and snowboard but when I rode my first steps with the old snakeboard, in that moment I knew what I wanted to do! Since the age of 12 on my b-day, when I got my first board, and now I’m 28 I didn’t stop since then (and not trying to quit any time soon, after seen Pedrao in Brazil with 50 years and killing it, you been an inpiration!). I can’t stop, the more that I ride the more I want. I guess is like a drug, I need to fly, need to grind, catch a flight/bus to go to a new destination to ride with other riders, need the feeling of sharing a good session with homies, meeting new people, new foods, new experiences, the fear… I guess is hard to understand but I’m sure many people feels that way, dosen’t have to be from just skating, can be just with the regular basics, and in the end what matter the most, is if you are HAPPY, in your routine, in your days, weeks… playing guitar, bakeing, been a doctor, working in a shop… There is a point in your life where you chose where to go, if you want to start to work in a randome place, study/work, study a degree, in almost all the cases you choosethat… And I choose that I waned to become a profesional streetboarder, thats was my dream. Since I was young and still is… Make a living from what you love plus is been your passion for so many years. Many times I hear: “You are so lucky!”, Im a lucky guy? (people only see the updates on Facebook, I’m here, I’m there, nice pic, nice shoot… but they don’t know whats behind that). To start, I have British Knights, Ennui and Dimension Boards, from those brands I’m getting a salary. Then all the rest is freestyle, do it yourself (this past summer I had to close Drop-Inn Shop, was a really hard decision but there was no option.) I had nothing, just my board and myself. So there it was, the master plan: what is left of 2013 and 2014 I just want to skate. I wanted to travel around the world, so 7 weeks of the summer, where everyone is having holidays and having fun I worked in several diferents night clubs, every single day for 10-15 hours a day… By working hard but mindwhile having fun as my boss told me I made 4.000€. With that I spend almost 3 months in the US, (tickets, food, several travels inside of the countr, Mexico…), Sept, Oct. and November. Bought myself a ticket to South America, a ticket to Germany for the World Cup (where I won 1000€), and with this and some help of my sponsors I bought a ticket to Australia in March, to skate my dream ramp a Mega Ramp. And a last ticket to the US in aprilr, for the Socal tour… I’m gone be spending another 3 months there. And yeah, now I’m broke. I came to SA  with 200€, some boards and bindings to sell, for the value of 600€, that means 800€ for 80 days. Since I’m moving around, not just staying in one place is a bit more hard to make it. I been doing some maths: I’m gone be spending 400-500€ on trains, buses, metros… so that gives me 300-400€ for food, means 3€-5€ a day (a tip: I don’t smoke, drink and I sleep in friends homes most of the times.)  If you want to help on my travels let me know :)

I do not know yet , how im gone manage in Australia or in the US, i do not have more cash. I live the day , day by day. My question is always is : How im gone make it? .. So there is my dream life people,  I WILL NOT CHANGE IT FOR ANYTHING.  now : Im a lucky guy??
I just hope someday after all the work, that so many people put into this: STREETBOARDING  will become a bigger and recognized  sport. If you are reading this and you feel identify HELP  in any way you can to make it happen.
"The crew of the day!"

“The crew of the day!”

 “The bussss is killlingggg meee…!!! Almost in Buenos Aires…

18.00 – sunday Buenos Aires mission don! (41 hours bus drive  F**K)
Boris, a local streetboarder was waiting for me in the bus station, so sweet of him. Mindwhile we were chating..
Pipo Grosso, huge indy transfer

Pipo Grosso, huge indy transfer


5TF with Pip Grosso coming soon!

5TF with Pip Grosso coming soon!

 “Pipo Grosso came pick us up with his car and drove to Mataderos Skatepark. Where we skated really hard for a few hours… I got to Juan Valiente home, around 00:00 at night… here is where I’m gone spend my next days in Buenos Aires.

04.00a m time to relax… in an appropriate bed, finally…”

1st stop: BRAZIL 27/12/2013

Tickets to Buenos Aires

Tickets to Buenos Aires

“I don’t know what it is but I woke up so so tired. I guess we been doing activities not stop for the past 10 days. Today is the day to hit the road and I went to get two bus tickets: one Riviera de Sao Lourenço to Sao Paulo 2h and the 2nd one: Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires, 40 hours… 2800km.”

"My food for the next two days..."

“My food for the next two days…”


"Bike ride with Diego R. in the natural reservation."

“Bike ride with Diego R. in the natural reservation.”

“After that mission we went to the beach and surfed for like 1h with super damm babe waves… but well is better something than nothing. When we were back to the house Diego and I took a bike ride to the natural reservation beach, talking about streetboarding, and all the situation that is going on in the sport. Love that talks, I could be talking about it for ever.”

"Sad to leave this place..."

“Sad to leave this place…”

 ” Had my  last amazing lunch made by Milta, delicious, B been getting some kilos for sure :)  thanks!

Hector and Milta, don’t know how to thank you for thess days in your house, it’s been great! If you ever come to Barcelona, some how I will make you guys a Paellla :)
Anyway is time to go to my bus… It’s gone be long… because I’m gone spend almost two days in the bus tomorrow will not be an update… but sooner I get to Argentina will be coming one! I’m looking fowards for meeting new people on the road. Next Country Argentina, let´s go!”

sergi_busarg  sergi_busarg2 “Next stop Argentina!” sergi_busarg3 Daniel Xis:  "I´ve just met Sergi Nicolas, an hour before he left Brazil. Really nice friend, we had a great talk, and after I asked some tips about the bindings adjustments, the guy just goes riding my board in the São Paulo´s main bus station, and everybody looks at us, like, 'whatdahellisdat?', LOL.  Funny man, but I feel sorry for him, for now he´ll take a 40 hour bus trip to Argentina. All the best bro!"

 Daniel Xis: “I´ve just met Sergi Nicolas, an hour before he left Brazil. Really nice friend, we had a great talk, and after I asked some tips about the bindings adjustments, the guy just goes riding my board in the São Paulo´s main bus station, and everybody looks at us, like, ‘whatdahellisdat?’, LOL. Funny man, but I feel sorry for him, for now he´ll take a 40 hour bus trip to Argentina. All the best bro!”


“Another perfect day, at 08:00a, sound my alarm. Went for run today, was a bit longer than yesterday, here is a lot of people that works out, run, bike, even in x-mas days. We chilled a bit, had an enormous breakfast and took off to another city 40km up north.”

"Great location, right? Skate park next to the beach!"

“Great location, right? Skate park next to the beach!”

Diego R., del mar indy

Diego R., del mar indy 

“Once again the skatepark is located next to the beach, such a great location. In the park were a few guys and I started to chat with one of them and in the end he was asking me about some inliners and skaters that I knew. So funny, everyone knows each other, no matter where you go in the world that if you skate , 99% you will have friends in common.”

Sergi N., lien air

Sergi N., lien air

“The session was damm hot,35º! Hard to handdle, we filmed a few clips and we were tottaly done.”

"Getting into the wild..."

“Getting into the wild…”

"Do you want to live in the jungle? Here it is..."

“Do you want to live in the jungle? Here it is…”

“Took the car again and we drove a bit to see some waterfall. We had to hike for a while, really deep into the jungle. This walk remaind me when I was in Indonesia, was crazy, really. We were playing in the water, having some strawberrys, crakers… and all sunddently, things are starting to fall from the top of the trees. There were wild monkeys, thowing us what ever it was agains us. Crazy such a huge monkeys. They were way to far up for me to capture them with my camera. But as Diego told me, the best camera are your eyes. In that spot was full of lianas, I didn’t doubt a second on  playing the roll of been Tarzan, so fun… I was going from one rock to another without a problem, but I got a few injuries in my back from the plants. Great!”





 “Diego made for all family an Argentinian Asado, MY GOD…! That was delicious (sorry for the vegeterian people, I do love vegetals too). This meal was really heavy, chilled for a while in the pool…”

"Asado argentino by Diego in Brazil!"

“Asado argentino by Diego in Brazil!”

 “The sun was falling down at 19.00 pm when we decided to make a surf session before was completely dark. Took the bikes, surfboards in the hand and rided for a while. We went to a diferent beach this time, a natural reserve. So no houses, no people, nothing… The waves were so so small, we could verly stand-up, but just the feeling of been on a enormous beach with nobody was great. Was completely dark, was time to get out of the water, a bit scary… if something happens there, no one is gone help you out.

Last night i was so death, mindwhile I was writting I fall asleep so I had to finish it this morning… :)


"After surfing..."

“After surfing…”

 “How can I start? Let me tell you: FUCKING GREAT DAY! I went for a run in the village, and you run in the middle of the jungle. A lot of birds, a lot of different noices from different animals… is a pleasure running on a place like that. Had some strong breakfast and of course without a doubt we went to the beach to surf. Today was really small waves, but there was one that Diego, Julia and I rode together and was great feelling. We were looking into each other eyes smilling  and celebrating!”

"Little snack before lunch."

“Little snack before lunch.  

“Once home Hector, Julia´s dad prepared a great snack before the lunch (he also made home made pizza for dinner, delicious!). After a great meal came the great nap. 18:00 pm boards in the car in the way to a skatepark in the little town.”

In the way to the Skatepark , a bit lost...-1

"In our way to the skate park."

“In our way to the skate park.”  

“This park was right next to the beach, great location but at the same time as you know the park gets a lot of sand. The people was really nice, really friendly. There was a lot of people hanging out, walking the dogs, little stores with food, good environment.”

Del mar-1

Diego R., del mar indy

Diego fs noseblun-1

Diego R., fs nosebluntstall pop out

“The sun was falling down and when that happens is the best time for take you camera out and start to shoot. Mind while the rail session, I had an accident, I came out of the rail, just landed a guy was coming against me and we crash big time. He hit my neck and I couldn’t breath for a bit… But the session was still on!”

Sergi N., backside K

Sergi N., backside K

“Diego’s turn, doing huge airs, sun going down… beautiful colours, behind the lens. I hang out a bit with the locals, practicing my portuguese. Is not a hard language to understand but hard to try to express yourself right, we laugh together big time.”

"The brazilian crew in the park!"

“The brazilian crew in the park!”

Sergi N., fs melon. "Crazy sky! Thank you"

Sergi N., fs melon. “Crazy sky! Thank you”

“I look up to the sky and I saw a red beatiful colour up there. Prepared the camera, I strapped in to my board… And a great shoot came out… Thank you Diego!”

"Chilling after a great day in the pool."

“Chilling after a great day in the pool.”

 “Drove back to Riviera de San Lourenço, had the amazing pizza I was telling you earlier, and chilled in the pool for a while.
Now you understand why was a perfect day?
Tomorrow more!”

24/12/2013   Who is identify  -1

“Do you feel identified? :) ”   “Big day, I packed my heavy bag, again. Not so easy to fit everything in… hard job. We drove 130 km to the coast of SP. Beatiful drive over big green mountains for almost 2h to our final destination, Riviera de Sao Lourenço, to Julias parents summer home. I had no words when I saw the house, just beatiful, with a lot of style, small pool, amazing plants, exotic flowers… ” On the way to the Beach-1“On the way to la playa (of the jungle)”

Romero & Bottai Family-1 Flowers in Brazil-1

Flowers in Brazil-1 “Romero & Bottai Family”   “The family treat me as one in the family on this big day, I felt like home (I miss mine back home in BCN). I been fascinated all day, we went to the beach on a bike ride, never rode a bike on the water in the beach. Went back to the house, chilled a bit, had something to eat, small nap and once again we took the bikes and this time with the surfboards… I been smilling all day, from ear to ear! Riding the bike in the middle of the jungle, holding the board in the hand… My god, such a freedom, don’t know how to explain :) I guess just happines. I can’t belive how lucky I’m to see and be here!”

Jungle, in the way ... Surfing time !!-1 Flowers in Brazil-1

 “In the middle of the jungle.”   “The surf session was hard, didn’t had my board, not great waves but we got to ride some… Julia got the best ride! (can’t wait for tomorrow). So yeah, I try to ride everyday, today was in the water, for the people who already surf you guys know the great feeling, and for those who don’t, please give it a try… is totally worth it! Give it a shot, surfing will change you!”

Waiting for the swell-1 “Looking the best swell”

  “< NOSSA > É NOIS”

23/12/2013  mess room ser

“Good morning, big mess in the room…”

santa -1 santa -1 santa -1 santa -1santa -1

“Santa is about to come… you been a good boy&girl?”

Who are they

“Who are we?”

 “Today finally, I went out for a run in the morning, I want to start my normal rutine. Diego Romero came to pick me up late today, so I had some time to work on my sponsor searching. Been replying emails to some new brands I’m talking to, and sending some some new resumes to new brands. The search is not easy… many brands are interested, some not, some they don´t know about streetboarding (so you have to explain), in general, all the answers I get are good feed back, but when it comes, the negotiations is the hard part.” Street art-1 brazil   “Any way.. after a few traffic lights Diegos car started to do a few weird sounds and he decied to park the car at his home. We went by subway, great experience. Our 1st destination: Plaza Rooseverlt.”

sergi bslip brazil

Backside lipslide

sergi bslip brazil sergi bslip brazil sergi bslip brazil

“Sick spot!  Ledges, gaps, stairs, rails… If you skate here in Brazil, you know this spot, really famous, eventually is down town Sao Paulo. The session ended with several bangers ;).”

Backside air

Backside air

“We were meeting Pedrao at Sumaré skatepark at 19:oo. Pedrao for those who don`t know about him. He´s 50 years old and been streetboarding for 16 years, is an inspiration! So for those who ask me or say “you can’t skate when you get old”, here you go, here is the answer.  He goes to the park everday from 19-21 and shares the session with his son. Great example.

Diego Romero, fs stalefish

Diego Romero, fs stalefish

Diego Romero – 5TF from Streetboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

“I filmed Diego his 5TF. I been skating every single day since I arrived to SP with him but today I saw  happiness on his face after the session. He killed! “

Crazy arquitecture-1

“And well well… I´m death as always when I get home, I prepared my self  dinner  and eated on the roof terrace. I´m on a really budged trip, extremely . So no eating out, no extra shopping, not spending on whatever stuff, just the basics. Rat, Rat, Rat tour…!”

Dinner time-1

 ” Might not be the most fancy dinner ever, but my view is the BEST”

22/12/2013 guetto sao paulo

“Today we did a really early session, Diego came to pick me up at 09.30am to go skate, who does that? Anyway after 1 hour driving, we arrived to our final destination “Ana Brandao – Santo André”.  Is a bit outside of Sao Paulo, eventually in the guetto. Next to the park you had a small soccer field, where of course i saw incredible moves.”

Pipas kids

“Right next to it you had a lot of kids playing with “Pipas” (small kite). It’s a simple game but really dangerous, it’s a big problem here in Brazil. A few hundreds people die every year… The game consists in fighting with other “pipas” and breake the other one. They fight with the thin cord againts each other. They put glue and fiberglass on the cord so make its really strong.”

“So all the drivers that drive motorcycle has a antenna to prevent accidents. CRAZY !! Fabio was telling me about it. So the guy who cuts the other cord wins. Besides this the Park was a bit hard to ride many holes all over, you had to find you line.”
sergi bs smith brazil
Diego Romero & Fabio D'Amato

Diego Romero & Fabio D’Amatopool chilling-1 “After a hot session we went to a friends house of Diego, and of course if you have good friends, your friends has good friends…. Now you can tell with the views, top floor with a pool. Great!”

the city-1


21/12/2013 Session is on -1

 “Brazilian time after 2h of waiting… we are on the road to Mogi Skatepark!”

Diego R., Fs indy

Diego R., Fs indy

 “We were a few streetboarders today, and a few oldschool skateboarders friends from Pedrao. They were sick skaters.”

Backside method

Backside method

 ” My session didn’t start  so good… I had serious problems with my board, after 20 min wondering, looking I found out that  was the wheel bearing was none, I skated just with one bearing in one of the wheels, horrible! But right after I joined the session at the bowl.”

Fs indy nosebone

Fs stiffy


The crew

The crew


 “We skated 6h non stop!  This park had also a great street area… Sorry no pics there but I filmed some good tricks…”

20/12/2013 down town-sao paulo

 “Yesterday too much driving and so much traffic in this city, crazy…”


 “Diego took me to a really sick real street spot where the skaters had build a few handrails… We spend a few hours there…”

sergi noseblunt  brazil-1

Frontside nosebluntslide

 “After that spot , he showed me a great manual pad , where took me for ever to get something done, I suck on manuals, god!”

end of the sess-1

 “And the session ended there with the that amazing snack. btw really healthy…!” 

i love sp

 “Today was about time for some Brazilian Rock&Roll!!”


"In Sao Paulo is damm Hot, great session today with Diego Romero!"

“In Sao Paulo is damm Hot, great session today with Diego Romero!”

“Good session in San Bernardo skate park in Sao Paolo with Diego and Pedrao!”

Diego Romero, lien air // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Diego Romero, lien air // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Beer time after the session!

Beer time after the session!


"First session in Sao Paulo with Diego Romero and Pedrao!"

“First session in Sao Paulo with Diego Romero and Pedrao!”


"Time for new adventures.. South America let's go!"

“Time for new adventures.. South America let’s go!”