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We’re glad to host the 2nd Streetboarder Mag RIDER OF THE YEAR award.

Congratulations to all the candidates! Let the debate begin! Cast your vote for RIDER, ONLINE VIDEO, TEAM, VIDEO PART, FILMMAKER & ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! 




cokitroyano_entera_roty2014 Coki Troyano

 Age: 25


Home: San Rafael, Argentina

Big moves in 2014: He just KILLED IT during the Sergi Nicolas – South America Tour, from big rails to backflips and rodeos 7?! Easy, smooth and stylish and, don’t forget, he filmed one of the best Five Trick Flick of the year. First nomination for him, good to see new faces here.




 Simon Johns

 Age: 27

Sponsors: WhiteBoards, DayOne, Kiste Bearings

 Home: Bristol, UK

 Big moves in 2014: 3rd in Best Trick at Worlds 2014 in Riga and 3rd at Street Boutique SPOT BATTLE 2014. Killing it all the year, specially during the California Visions 2014/Socal Tour 2014 and destroying the famous Holywood High rail with a switch 270 frontside boardslide (trick of the year?) as you can see in his ROTTING FOOTAGE edit, one of the best, creative and solid parts we’ve seen in 2014. And if all of this is not enough, now he rides for Kiste Bearings and WhiteBoards with his own Signature Series Pro Model.


davidlarotta_entera_roty2014 David La Rotta

 Age: 20

 Sponsors: Dimension Streetboards, British Knights, Tiltwheels

 Home: Málaga, Spain

 Big moves in 2014: He got the ender in the BK Prague Tour video, one of the biggest backside nosegrinds we’ve seen in Streetboarding history and maybe one of the best tricks ever… He did a South America tour around Argentina and Chile in September, skating and filming with the locals. Some sick tricks on the Málagazpacho Tour video, specially the 270  frontside nosebluntslide 270 out!


eduardwojcik_entera_roty2014 Eduard Wojcik


 Sponsors: Ositos, Infest Clothing, Beltiez, The Slow Watch, UpFront Company

 Home: Hagen, Germany

 Big moves in 2014: Big year for Eduard.5th at Worlds 2014, 2nd at Wicked Woods Contest and 2nd at DOW 2014. Lots of new sponsors and released his 2014 park part. Filming and taking pics all the time, this man never stops!




maxanderson_entera_roty2014 Max Anderson


 Sponsors: Gazpacho Boards, Tiltwheels

 Home: Kingston, UK

 Big moves in 2014: The Superman of Streetboarding, another great year for Max. WINNER of the Street boutique SPOT BATTLE and 2nd in Street at Worlds 2014! North Tour 2014 and one of the best during the Socal Tour 2014, as you can see in his ‘Well Califorganized‘ part, sick stuff that only he can do.



serginicolas_enteraroty2014 Sergi Nicolas

 Age: 29

Sponsors: Dimension Streetboards, British Knights, Outdoor Tech, Palo Wooden Glasses, Horizon Watches, Thousand Feet

 Home: Barcelona, Spain

 Big moves in 2014: 1st at DOW 2014, 1st at Wicked Woods 2014, 3rd at Worlds 2014, 1st at Gazpacho Welcome Contest and 1st at Villa María Contest. Probably the most famous streetboarder in the World, always traveling around the World and never stopping posting pics and online clips/edits. He started 2014 with his South America tour, in March Australia Tour, back to the U.S., and now he is currently in South America again, Mexico, Guatemala, Perú and more. Showing Streetboarding all over the World. He released two big parts in 2014: Outdoor Tech and ENNUI part 2014 and of course getting some new sponsors as you can see above.


Pipo Grosso

 Age: 36


 Home: Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Big moves in 2014: Maybe the best rider ever from Argentina, he has been killing it since… always. Some sick tricks on the Sergi N. – South America Tour video, big show at Xtremelifefest in Buenos Aires with Tony Hawk, 4th at the Wallride Contest Buenos Aires and always posting new pics, clips and edits. He’s also back producing his famous bindings.


andrés_entera_roty2014 Andrés Rodés

Age: 19

Sponsors: Kiste Bearings

Home: Vilassar de Mar, Spain

Big moves in 2014: 3rd at DOW 2014 and 3rd at Wicked Woods 2014. No jokes, podium in two of the biggest contests of the year. He’s one of the current kings of the tech skating but he is also progressing to a new level in transition, different and cool stuff that only a few could do. When you see him skating you know that he is just having fun with the homies. He got sponsored by Kiste Bearings too.



ismaelcalvo_entera_roty2014 Ismael Calvo


 Sponsors: Flow Wheels, BK Shoes Chile

 Home: Colmo, Chile

 Big moves in 2014: If  there’s someone you can’t know if  he’s goofy or regular, it’s Ismael. Maybe the California visions 2014 MVP, killing all the California rails and spots in switch. He released two parts this year: Ismael Calvo in Barcelona (all in switch!) and Winter edit. Some online edits, Europe Tour with and he also got two new big sponsors: Flop Wheels and BK Shoes Chile.



cristiancoda_entera_roty2014 Cristian Coda

 Age: 17

 Sponsors: KFTS Clothing, Nilox, 24 Bottles, Tech and Style

 Home: Prato Sesia, Italy

 Big moves in 2014: ROOKIE 2013, this has been his year, he is on fire… He just never stop progressing. He got a lot of new sponsors, releasing a lot of online edits and instagram clips, killing it on the Malagazpacho Tour closing the part 1 with an ender, a sick kink… And don’t forget the nosebluntslide on the big rail. 1st place at International Roller Cup.



gotthardpilsner_entera_roty2014 Gotthard Pilsner


 Sponsors: Dimension Streetboards, British Knights, Neobrain Bindings

 Home: Passau, Germany

 Big moves in 2014: Best Trick WINNER at World Champion 2014, killing it as always on the BK Tour Prague and he also released two parts this year: Autumn edit and AFTER LIFE, next level of switch and tech skating, combined with a good dose of hardcore tricks.




Gabi Muñoz

 Age: 27

 Sponsors: Gazpacho Boards, ROMP, Frigo Revolution Wear

 Home: Shanghai, China (born in Barcelona, Spain)

 Big moves in 2014: World Champion 2014 in Street last September in Riga! Show at X-Masters Italy and International Roller Cup. Half-pipe master and founder & team rider of Gazpacho Boards, released this year, one of the greatest news for our sport. He also got a new sponsor: Frigo Revolutionwear.



tonialvarez_entera_roty2014 Toni Alvarez

 Age: 28

 Sponsors: Gazpacho Boards, British Knights,  UpFront Company, DayOne

 Home: Barcelona, Spain

 Big moves in 2014: 2013 was a big year for him but 2014 has been even better, his best year so far? Sponsored by Gazpacho, BK and UpFront. 2nd at Street Boutique SPOT BATTLE, 2nd at Figueres Contest, 2nd at Gazpacho Welcome Home Contest and 8th at Worlds 2014. Very remarkable tricks on the BK Prague Tour (MVP of the tour?) and same on the Malagazpacho Tour, with the ender of the video: a 450 backside boardslide 270 out, probably one of the best tricks of the year.

thomas_entera_roty2014 Thomas Kienle


 Sponsors: Dimension Streetboards, British Knights, Neobrain Bindings, Ositos Streetboards

 Home: Stuttgart, Germany

 Big moves in 2014: With no doubt an all-terrain and constant rider and one of the big names in Streetboarding. Always having a good role in all the contests, tours and shows… BK Prague Tour, California Visions 2014, Austrian Tyrol Tour, X-Masters Italy, 7th at Worlds 2014, 4th at Wicked Woods 2014 and 5th at DOW 2014, International Roller Cup and more. He also released its own Bearings brand: Kiste.





- British Knights Prague Tour 2014


- Tyrol Streetboard Tour 2014


- California Visions 2014


- DUDES “Streetboarding Italia”


- Sergi Nicolas – South America Tour 2014


- Malagazpacho Tour


- Welcome to South Wear: Alex Villanueva & Eric Brun


- Larry Cohen – Downhill Edit




- British Knights

Sergi Nicolas, Cristian Dedeu, Thomas Kienle, Toni Alvarez, David La Rotta & Gotthard Pilsner

Sergi Nicolas, Cristian Dedeu, Thomas Kienle, Toni Alvarez, David La Rotta & Gotthard Pilsner

- Dimension Streetboards


Gotthard Pilsner, David La Rotta, Sergi Nicolas & Thomas Kienle

 – Gazpacho Boards

Nacho Ávila, Toni Alvarez, Bernat Pomerol, Cristian Dedeu, Max Anderson & Gabi Muñoz

Nacho Ávila, Toni Alvarez, Bernat Pomerol, Cristian Dedeu, Max Anderson & Gabi Muñoz

- Ositos

Eduard Wojcik and Thomas Kienle

Eduard Wojcik and Thomas Kienle

- Tiltwheels

Valentino Barbuzza, Max Anderson, David La Rotta and Cristian Dedeu

Valentino Barbuzza, Max Anderson, David La Rotta and Cristian Dedeu

- Whiteboards

Simon Johns and Rich Lowe

Simon Johns and Rick Lowe

- DayOne

Toni Alvarez, Colin Horan, Eric Brun and Simon Johns

Toni Alvarez, Colin Horan, Eric Brun and Simon Johns

- Streetboarding Italia



Sebastian Hoffmann and Flo Rauh

Sebastian Hoffmann and Flo Rauh

- SoCal Streetboarding 

Rick Lowe, Yago Ferrer and Nathan Firth

Rick Lowe, Yago Ferrer and Nathan Firth



- Simon Johns – Rotting Footage


- Sergi Nicolas – ENNUI Part 2014


- Ismael Calvo in Barcelona 2014




- Eduard Wojcik – PARK EDIT 2014


- Sergi Nicolas – OUTDOOR TECH


- Gotthard Pilsner – AUTUMN EDIT 2014


- Ismael Calvo – WINTER EDIT 2014


- Gabriel Arguelles Hangin’ with the Blackhats


- Florian Surre #1


- Gotthard Pilsner – AFTER LIFE


- Michael Black 2014


- Bruno SchÄdlich in Singapore 2014


- Carlos Muriel – PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT


- Emiliano Nappi 2014


- Larry Cohen – STREET EDIT 2014




colinhoran_filmmaker_roty2014 Colin Horan – London, UK

Featured works:

Tyrol Streetboard Tour 2014

Hangin’ with the Blackhays – Gabriel Arguelles

Street Boutique SPOT BATTLE



More here.




Cristian Dedeu – Barcelona, Spain

Featured works:

California Visions 2014

Brtitish Knights Prague Tour 2014

Sergi Nicolas – ENNUI 2014 part

Sergi Nicolas – Outdoor Tech part

Sergi Nicolas – South America Tour 2014

Malagazpacho Tour 2014

More here.



Kai Hammen – Cologne, Germany

Featured works:

Session on Schifflane 2014

Lost & Found #2


More here.





simonjohns_filmmaker_roty2014 Simon Johns – Bristol, UK

Featured works:


The North Tour 2014


More here.






Toni Alvarez – Barcelona, Spain

Featured works:

PHONE CLIPS #12: Ismael Calvo in BCN 2014

PHONE CLIPS #10: London

PHONE CLIPS #7: Sergi Nicolas

PHONE CLIPS #5: Gabi Muñoz

PHONE CLIPS #3: Manresa


More here.


alexvillanueva_filmmaker_roty2014 Alex Villanueva – Barcelona, Spain

Featured works:

South Wear – Welcome to the team

Halloween Session

1 day 3 parks


More here.



diegoromero_filmmaker_roty2014 Diego Romero – Argentina/Brazil

Featured works:


5 PUNTOS: Wallride Contest


More here.





steffafranchi_filmmaker_roty2014 Steffa Franchi – Romagnano Sesia, Italy

Featured works:

Emiliano Nappi 2014


More here.








antoniojesus_rookie_roty2014Antonio Jesus – Granada, Spain











mariokurrle_rookie_roty2014 Mario Kurrle – Stetten, Germany











timtittjung_rookie_roty2014 Tim Tittjung –  Pforzheim, Germany












Fernando Alvaro – Maipú, Chile











nicolominazzoli_rookie_roty2014 Nicolò Minazzoli – Borgomanero, Italy










kounosukebanba_rookie_roty2014 Kounosuke Banba – Tokyo, Japan











nakamurakeisuke_rookie_roty2014 SO-GA Nakamura – Tokyo, Japan


 Voting closes on 16th December!

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