Ismael Calvo – STRAP IN TO LIVE video part dropping next Tuesday!

As you wait… Read this review courtesy of Red Pen Streetboard Magazine

Words by Jay Nowman

“Ismael Calvo rides regular stance. You’ll thank me for it after watching these six minutes of true greatness. I’ve been around a fair few years. In fact I’ve been True Skool for more than half my life. I’m 34. Go figure. During that time I’ve seen a lot of riding, and it takes a lot to impress me. This is history. Now bear with me (Ismael: T-shirt reference check) for this may get cheesy. More than the movement, Streetboarding’s unique point is that we are strapped in. Therefore, we are “one” with the board, and should ride as we are. Ismael executes this to perfection. Each trick is carefully considered.”

Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Photo by Sergi Nicolas

“You can see, and he proves, that he has the skills to spin which ever way into and out of a trick, choosing each not necessarily for difficulty (although he turns the difficultly knob up to 11 at will) but for which looks best on his chosen object. It has it all. Ismael makes a switch back 180 down a double set better than you will ever be able to do it normal stance.”


“There’s a tailslide on a rail that he is so locked into, it looks like he could go double the length. I don’t wanna ruin the surprise of the tricks, but a cab back 5.0, 360 out is something to keep your eye out for. In fact. Every trick. Colin Horan, the man behind Day One, Street Boutique and Sergi Nicolas’ 2015 drop “By Any Means”, has done an incredible job on the editing duties. The six minutes never feel tired, with the flow keeping you glued to the screen, perfectly punctuating the edit with key tricks and crescendos on absolute point.”


This review is from the upcoming Issue 6 of Red Pen Streetboard Magazine

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