New White Boards models

Pivotboard just released a new White Board model and his respective spare bar.


NewWave White Board:

“Here’s a picture of our new board, available as either a complete board, or as a deck (complete board has trucks & hardware, order a deck if you have trucks and just want the best wood in the business.

White Boards have taken their most popular footplate, and taken the best elements of bar designs, combining strength, lightness, and the best wood available, along with rider input, and put into NewWave 1.

Does the title NewWave 1, mean there’s more to come? Yes it does!

Expect to see more NewWave boards released within the next few days.

White Boards are also going to be announcing a new line of boards designed for pro riders, named the ‘Signature Series’ They have been sneaking out some photos of the board they’ve made, but are keeping names a secret until the riders are completely satisfied with  their designs. Nobody likes to see a prototype, and then the final board ends up completely different from what they ordered.


The way these boards slide, is second-to-none. Nose and Tail slides are simply effortless, and the slick just keeps sliding and sliding forever. I’ve been skating the footplates for 18 months, and a person on facebook commented, saying that they looked 1 week old! Not bad, considering I skate 5 days a week.

The FlyWeight pivot is awesome, as it weighs less than half of the weight of the old WSA style boards, and turns smoothly. There’s even a new pivot in development combining teflon and needle roller bearings, to literally make this the smoothest turning, lightest pivot of all time. The FlyWeight is simply amazing, and takes a LOT of weight off the board.

So… what’s new as White Boards? A new logo, two new lines of complete boards coming out, products that develop at light speed, due to the low number manufacturing, and the dedication of an owner/skater/operator thats taken years to develop his product, and won’t even show the public the advanced boards he’s developping in the background.”


NewWave 1 55 cm bar:

“White Board bars are second-to-none in build quality, the way the plywood is laid up adds extra strength to the board, as well as the double slick on both sides adds to stiffness allowing the board to flex when it needs to, and not when it doesn’t. The double slick just keeps sliding forever, and has the perfect amount of slide vs resistance, not too fast, and not too slow.

You can choose whether you want the new FlyWeight pivot system, or to have the bar drilled for the WSA standard, so you can put the bar on WSA Standard board.


Product Specifications:

Stance: 54 – 57cm

Bar Width: 9″ (229 mm)

Thickness: ‘Flyweight’ 7 Ply + ‘Doubleslick’ (slick both sides, to provide added strength and durability, as well as the ultimate slide)


Flyweight: Due to our progression in board design, we’ve found it possible to not only reduce the amount of plys within the board, but also reduce the weight to dramatically less than any boards available before now. Our next generation ‘Flyweight’ bar, has only 5 plys, making it extremely lightweight, and thinner without any loss in strength when compared to ‘WSA standard’ bars.”


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