New Tech and Style bars

New Tech and Style bars for Streetboarding Italia

- Words by Vincenzo Arrivista – Tech And Style 


(Provisional graphics)

This is the story:

I always thought that the ‘Streetboard’ is different than the ‘Skateboard’. The shape is different and has varied strength and needs flex. So of course, it’s much similar to the ‘Snowboard’ and because that I thought I’d get away from the usual method of production of the ‘Skateboard’ with wood sheets and build it with wood slats.


Important points:

– Wood strips without knots

– Hand crafted in a Snowboarding Factory in Italy, using the same method of Snowboard

– Reinforced triaxial fiberglass

– CNC machine cut


– SLICK, super strong and very slippery

– 20% LESS WEIGHT and 50% more resistant

– Measures: Stance 55 cm (the one in the photo but we can make other stances) – 23 cm width – 11 mm thick

– Price: 109€


“And you… what would you say?

By the moment we have produced 2 boards for testing, Mattia Sacchi has been skating one of them for about 1 month, for technical advices or impressions you can ask him.

The graphics are provisional, the ones in the photo were created to quickly understand the final result (which we think is very good).

The boards are available for testing here in Italy. We will be at the XMasters in Senigallia event in July 18,19 and 20, could be a good opportunity for holidays :)

Or when you want feel free to come and visit us!

Do you want to support this project?”



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