Marek Makowska – No Retreat, No Surrender


Almost a year ago I injured my knee really bad, tore my ACL, meniscus and intraarticular ligament, a so called unhappy triad. Because so many ligaments were damaged, I had to walk on crutches for nearly 10 weeks, without putting weight on my leg. This led to losing most of my muscular strength in my leg, it looked like it had the size of an arm. Before surgery I was sure that I would be back skating after 5-6 months, but it’s been 11 months now and I still need some time. Injuries like this are probably every skaters worst nightmare and I hope I can give some advices on how to deal with it.

First thing I did was looking up everything I could find on the internet about this injury, what was somehow a bad idea. Worst part was reading so many storys about people who never got back to sports, to me it seemed like nobody could ever recover form this. I also had a few moments in the past months thinking that I’ll never be able to skate again. I was doing physical therapy for half a year but I couldn’t do a proper manual on flatground, it felt like I lost all my skills and even just riding down a bank was painful. I nearly lost all my hope at this point.

Sometimes it can take forever to recover, but its important to be patient and to motivate yourself. My motivation was streetboarding. I knew it before, but after the injury I was sure that I can’t live without skating, so the only option was to keep going on, skating as much as I can, re-learning everything, trick by trick. It was frustrating sometimes, but I realized that there was some slow progress.


What also helped me was the physical therapy, going to the gym and riding my bike. Getting those muscles back is the most important part, the more muscles I could build up, the better I started to skate. It might take more than a year, but if you stay motivated there is definetly hope. Its about how much work you put into it, doing nothing and waiting won’t help in this case. If you have the chance to get physical therapy, do it! These therapists are experts and with their help your training will be way more effective. Another thing that might help is being aware of what you eat, heatlthy food and a lot of protein can support the recovery.

I’m still not completly recovered, but my attitude towards this injury changed, I’m confident that skating someday will be like it used to be before all of this happened. And I’m sure that anybody can do this, it’s just important to stay patient and motivated. And because of streetboarding we have the best motivation anybody could ask for!

Thanks to everyone who supported me through the past months, I really appreciate that, without the help from other people I probably would have lost my mind.

And a special shout-out to my homie Niklas, who is dealing with a difficult situation at the moment but never loses his spirit to skate. You are a huge inspiration in many ways and you can do it bro, for sure! Keep up your True Dedication!

No Retreat, No Surrender from Marek Mka on Vimeo.

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