Interview – Nick Robson

- Interview and photos by Sergi Nicolas


- So, Nick what’s up ?

Ah not much man, just another day sitting in the office at work looking out the window at paradise, wishing I was out side!

- Today is not sunny…

Yeah, but there’s palm trees in the garden .

- So, how long you been riding? How did you start?

I’ve been riding on and off for around shit, not sure, how many years!? I first stepped on a snakeboard in grade 7 or 8 at high school? I’d say maybe 12 years? But there’s been times where I haven’t skated for nearly 8 months + at a time.

- Long time… That’s good. I know what’s Doomsday  but there are many people who doesn’t know, can you tell us a bit, when did you start and what is Doomsday?

Yeah man, Doomsday Australia started out as a ‘skate team’ back in 2004 when 5 of us (Craig Gibson, Adrian Thompson, Dave Grady, Kieren Pyke and myself) who all loved snakeboarding were trying to promote the sport and ourselves here in Oz.

We all lived in different parts of the country, from Tas right up to northern nsw, so we would chat on the net and organize meets where we would get together and skate and film at different spots.

I designed and ran the team website, where we would post the photos and videos and try to get others involved in the sport.


When Dimension Streetboards came out and started producing boards, I decided to start selling them here in Australia. Doomsday evolved from a skate team into an online shop, and it just kept going from there… When Highland Streetboards started making boards, that’s when things started to pick up for me, I ordered lots of boards and was sending them all over Australia and New Zealand.

The original team kind of drifted apart though, as we all lived so far away and have jobs and other stuff going on with our lives. But we keep in contact on Facebook and stuff.

Unfortunately my web-host recently stuffed up and deleted my website content, so the Doomsday site is currently offline & I’ve got to re-design the whole thing from scratch – But it’ll be back up soon.

Backside K // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Backside K // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

- Australia is a good market ? Is there a big potential for streetboards?

There’s definitely massive potential here in Australia for streetboarding… We’ve got sick skateparks, good weather, it’s perfect for it.

Everywhere I go (as you saw when you came skating with me the other day), within 5 minutes of rocking up to a skatepark there’s always at least 5 or 6 kids running up to you asking 100 questions a minute, like ‘whats that?’ ‘can I have a go?’ ‘where do you buy those?’ – and i’ll normally spend half my time there letting all the kids have a go on my board and trying to teach them how to ride & get them interested in buying one.

I’ve sold plenty of boards here in Australia over the years, but the hardest thing for me is there’s no mainstream exposure, I have to actually create the market that I’m selling to… Theres no really good riders here in Australia who skate everyday and pull huge tricks like there are overseas… So, the only times the public actually sees streetboarding in action here, it’s usually a lone rider doing a few tricks here and there – Not many people get to see it.

Australia is so big, I mean, there’s hundreds of kids out there who own streetboards but they are so spread out around the country and have no one else in their local town to ride with or to push them to ride harder, so after a while of skating by themselves, they chuck their streetboard in the garage and forget about it… they start skateboarding or bmx or doing something else that all their other friends are also doing.

I’ve done it myself many times over the years, lost motivation in streetboarding and stopped riding for months at a time – Because it gets boring skating by myself.


But, when I rock up to the park again and see the reaction from all the kids who’ve never seen a streetboard before, it remotivates me and I remember why I started Doomsday and I’m determined to make it happen here in Oz.

It would be amazing if australia could host an event like the Worlds that would see a large number of skilled riders come to town – Something like that is exactly what I need to get the mainstreams attention, which is hard to do by myself.

(I m just gonna go for a quick break to make a coffee man… keep asking the questions, ill be back in 5)

- Dude, I have to go to no breaks ahhaha
Do you plan on  promoting&selling SB in Austalia?

Absolutely man. I’ve had some shit luck recently with some things in my life, lending people money which didn’t come back, having to move houses several times in the year, topped off by my web-host losing the website content right when I was about to order more boards, but hey – these things happen… that’s life… I’m just gonna sit down after work and re-do the site, get more boards in stock, and keep moving forward.

Frontside smithgrind // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Frontside smithgrind // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

- Do you think Doomsday some day could host the World Championships in Australia?

I hope so – That’s one of my dreams. We’ve got the skateparks for it. I would love to see it held here in Aus & meet all the riders I’ve looked up to over the years and watched in the videos but never met.

- Any ideas how you are gone make SB big in Australia?

I can’t see a “quick fix solution” to make it happen overnight man, especially when I’m a one-man army. I’ve got a business plan in place to build things up, and I’ll do my best by continuing to get out there skating and teaching the kids how to ride – But I think ultimately what I need is a big event with lots of riders that I can promote and really show Australia what this sport has to offer.

If I can get streetboarding in the public eye, with at least 1 skate shop in each major city stocking boards, that’d be an awesome start. Until then, I’ll do my best by making boards available to everyone anywhere in Australia and New Zealand through the Doomsday online shop.

- Sounds like a plan man, hope you can make it happen.  I want to come back here to Australia, if you  need too ;)
So, any way what do you prefer: street or ramps?

Yeah man, I hope you come back often!

I actually prefer launch ramps man haha. At my local park back in Tasmania (EC / North Hobart) all day I would skate the launch ramp floating 540’s, 7’s and 9’s over it. It felt so good just flying through the air.

I can skate street and do plenty of handrails, but I don’t really enjoy it… It’s basically shitting yourself for a second, then a rough landing. Not fun.

I like mini ramps, but I’m pretty unfit these days from not skating for so long and spending too much time sitting here in the office at my day job.

- Koalas or kangaroos?

Fuck ‘em both. Tassie devils mate!

Frontside lipslide // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Frontside lipslide // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

-  Thanks for your time mate, thanks for driving me around  these days in the Gold Coast, is been sick and good fun, can’t wait to come back soon… any last words?

No worries man, so good to finally meet you and skate with you. Final words? Ah, watch out for drop bears!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. Peace mate.

I can be contacted at: or via the Doomsday facebook page

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