Interview – Marek Makowska in Barcelona

Marek Makowska is becoming a big name on the scene. From Munster, Germany, he never stops improving and expanding its range of tricks: tech stuff combined with killer tricks.

You can find out it watching his park edit from some months ago.

He is filming for a videopart and he went to Barcelona some weeks ago, so we decided to do a short interview with him.

Interview by Cristian Dedeu

Pics by Max Schmieding and Peter Göke


- Hey Marek, how you doing?

Quite well, still suffering a little from the last skating day at macba, but I’m recovering and I hope I’ll be able to skate again soon.

Two bars broken after his session at Macba... "I have two minutes of footage, so I'm halfway through."

Two bars broken after his session at Macba.

- You were in Barcelona a few weeks ago, how was it?

Marvelous and remarkable. Barcelona is every time something special for me, the entire vibe of such a trip is pure gold. You hang out with your friends every day, enjoy the weather while relaxing at the beach or you skate some of the worlds best skatespots. Can’t get enough of those trips, even though it was sometimes a little stressful, but that was a self-inflicted problem. I was slightly over-motivated in terms of getting tricks. Nine days of skating in a row can become pretty debilitating. Next time gonna be more laid-back.

- Did you have any specific spots/tricks in mind before going to BCN? Could you do them all?

Yes, I had a specific perception of spots and tricks. Some worked out, others didn’t. It was a mistake to plan everything, for example I thought it would be better to film bigger spots at the end of the trip, but when it came to filming I was already exhausted and not able to do tricks I already did some years ago.


Switch backside lipslide at the Clot rail

- Did you skate with the locals?

I had the pleasure to skate with Andrés Rodés, Eric Brun and Toni Alvarez. We had some really good sessions, the guys are killing it. Toni proved to be a tech machine, Andrés did one of the sickest bs tailslides I’ve ever seen a streetboarder do and Eric hypnotized everyone at the spot with his style.

- Yeah… What’s your favorite spot in BCN?

It used to be Forum but when I reconsider I have to admit that the whole city is my favorite spot. While walking the streets, sitting in the bus or leaving the metro you always find skateable stuff. Exploring is always exciting even though so many spots in Barcelona are already well known.


Backside Crooks
“I have to admit that the whole city is my favorite spot.”

- Best moment or trick of the trip?

When I walked out of the plane, you have to know that I’m not feeling very comfortable while being several thousand meters above the ground, haha. But besides from that I was very happy when I landed a trick at a spot we found near the fondo plaza. It was a perfect rail I have never seen before and the trick I did was also fairly spontaneous. It worked out second try and there was no pain involved in the process of landing the trick. Also just sitting at the beach by night with my friends and watching the sea was always a good feeling.


“Also just sitting at the beach by night with my friends and watching the sea was always a good feeling.”

Marek and his friends skating and having fun at the famous ‘Teatre’ spot

- We know that you’ve been filming a long time for your street videopart. When do you think it will be ready?

Yes, I started last summer. The song I’ll use is about four minutes, right now I have two minutes of footage, so I’m halfway through. In case I won’t have any serious injuries, it could be ready next autumn, but maybe it will be part of some bigger project that’s still to be announced and I can’t talk about now.

Switch frontside nosegrind at Forum

Switch frontside nosegrind at Forum

- Sounds exciting… Apart from Barcelona, where else are you filming?

Mostly in Germany, Münster and surroundings.

“not soon” old teaser for his videopart

- Do you have more trips planned?

Some more trips are planned, for example Berlin, Paris and hopefully attending the tour in California. And I have to come back to Barcelona in summer, I have a deal with Eric, we both have tricks in mind that we want to land at the ‘big blue’ rail.


Backside boardslie – Big Blue
“I have two minutes of footage, so I’m halfway through.”

- That’s all dude, you have the honor to be the first interviewee by Streetboarder Magazine, haha…
Thanks for the time. Last words?

I really appreciate this opportunity, thanks a lot, Streetboarder Magazine kills it!
First I want to thank Ositos Streetboards for support. Then thanks to all the homies who were part of the trip and made it the special time it was. And a big shout out to my friend Peter who had to move to Latvia because of his studies, see you soon homie!

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