Interview – Cristian Dedeu

 – Introduction by Eric Brun

While discussing about being skater or streetboarder, Cristian knew that the feeling riding on streetboard was kinda different and much more comfortable. Since that decision he started getting deep in this strapped sport, travelling, watching new places, meeting nice people and increasing in a hard way his riding level.  Some years later all his progress was getting recorded, making him become interesting about filming and editing videos like his profiles and other team videos like DROPTHIS, one of the best Streeboard videos ever made.

After all this sport brings to all those who practices it some injures and Cristian is not an exception… His wrist injury has been latent during all this years and after some surgeries he kept skating showing us that his love to streetboard is overall.

For all this reasons I’ve been looking up to him seeing his progress and making me progress as well as an inspiration. I speak for some of us who has been around him when a say he is a reflection of a committed athlete and also a good example for some riders

As a filmer I can say that he do his best filming all those tricks that have been filmed until nowadays and sincerely I have nothing to reproach about that… He gives us some good expectations on his works and finally I think that everyone on this little world thinks the same as me. Let’s Cristian talk about him as he has live it.

Backside smithgrind 360 out in Barcelona // Photo by St. Fotografía

Backside smithgrind 360 out in Barcelona // Photo by St. Fotografía

- Interview by Sergi Nicolas


So, Cristian, recently you just got a surgery in your wrist… tell us more about it.

Yes, is the second surgery in this wrist, has been giving me problems for long time…The fucking scaphoides. This time they have to put me a bone graft, a screw and also polish another bone that was displaced and disturbing.

1. Just after surgery, so drugged.  2. Two days after the surgery.  3. Two weeks after surgery.

Well, sound like you are gone be perfect after the recovery right? Is this gone to stop you for riding the way you do? BIg rails and so on?

I don’t know if will skate again yet, I will see… but seems that if I keep skating I’ll must skate more chill and not rails and stuff like this that is what I like most, because will be difficult or impossible to don’t fall hard… but first I’ve to see if this surgery worked well, because if not, the doctor told me that then we will have to think in other treatments as fixing a little bit the wrist… but I don’t wanna think in this shit yet.


You never fall so you will not have any problem bro, so tell me your secret … I want to know…

I wish it was true hahahah… I try to skate safe in my own kind of tricks and risk when I’m sure of it… but when I fall I use to fall hard… but well, this is Streetboarding!

Frontside nosegrind fs 180 out in Barcelona. // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Frontside nosegrind fs 180 out in Barcelona. // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Hahaha… so without pain no glory?

Exactly… that’s the price.


How it started? Your problem with this wrist?

It started in 2006, I was skating with Bernat Pomerol and Ernesto Freixas in a skate park in Mataró (Barcelona) near our town Premià de Dalt. I found a rail next to the park, very sketchy but I was so motivated, when you hit one your first street rails you know… so I did fs 50-50, fs smith, fs lipslide, fs 5.0 and then I tried backside noseslide, the worst trick that I could have try on that rail… You can see the fall in this old video (01:05):

I was maybe one week unable to move the two wrists and I did not go to the doctor, this is another bad decision.

I kept skating and having more falls… And then one year after the first big fall and when the wrist was very swollen and I could hardly move it I went to the doctor. She told me that she had to operate the wrist as soon as possible, was a difficult case because the scaphoid bone was broken and dead because of the time that had passed from the first fall. They had to put a graft but did not fit at all, I was like one year with plaster, and later rehab, etc but never was good.

I lost a lot of mobility but after that I kept skating and harder than before the surgery…

This is only a part of the story…

But in resume, if I had gone to the hospital after the big fall in 2006 they could have cured it better and surely I would not have had all these problems and I could still skating well.

Frontside feeble in Beijing, China. // Photo: Thomas Kienle

How did you start Streetboarding?

I used to Skateboard and one day I went to ‘SPOKO’ with my brother rollerblader Kenneth, I always used to skate with him. SPOKO was an extreme sports festival held every year in Barcelona. There I saw a streetboarder skating the park, doing everything, big airs everywhere, rodeos, backflips, spins, grinding rails… I really freaked out. Some years later I discovered that this guy was Sergi Nicolas.

Some months later my brothers and parents gave my first board for my birthday, a Snakeboard U.S.A ‘Stiffy’. I skated two years combining Skateboard and Streetboard but when I bought the Dimension AS1 I quit Skateboard and I focused on Streetboard, I liked it more.


What’s you worst fall skating?

Leaving aside the wrist fall which I mentioned before… Like everyone I’ve had some very heavys but the worst ever is the one trying frontside lipslide on a big kinkrail… The day before we were filming all day with all the crew and Richie Greeves too. Me and Sergi were talking and decided that was time to do a boardslide or lipslide on a big kinkrail and there we went the day later… First we skated the two downrails in Mataró, near my hometown, everbody was so motivated, I did backside bluntslide, Toni Alvarez did backside crooks to backside lipslide, Sergi Nicolas a sick hurricane… We were so motivated. So after that we went to the kinkrail that is in the same street, just two minutes walking.

First I did fs 50-50 first try, Andrés Rodés did it too… So the next thing had to be the frontside lipslide. Like you can see on my Drop This ‘B-Side’ clip  in the first try I saved it good, no problems. In the second try I almost landed but I fell in the end. And the third try… I died… I did a misty flip out or something and I hit so hard with my hips and back with the steps so bad. I spent a week unable to walk.

Another bad was one some years ago in Sant Cugat, the Gabi’s hometown near Barcelona. Me, Adrià Ventura and Eric Brun met to skate a famous kinkrail from there. I was the first tro try the kinkrail, fs 5050, the rail did not grinded anything, I went out flying doing a flip and I hit the stairs with my head… Eric Brun was on the cam but did not filming I don’t know why.


Filming @ Forbidden City in Beijing, China // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Sorry to keep you waiting, I went for a quick skate… anyway, what do you do for work, besides skating?

(Fucker! So jelous…)

Some projects as a cameraman and video editor and also now I’m running Streetboarder Magazine and trying to make it bigger.


Sounds fun… so you do other stuff besides skate projects. Is that bringing you new ideas for you skate movies?

Yes, it’s hard but in some ways it brings me different ideas and perspective to combine with the skating stuff.


So what’s your last work as a cameraman & editor?

Some projects. Lately I’m working with a Dj’s company, filming some parties, doing some promos and things like that. Also I did a  little commercial for a new african drink.

Always is good to do and learn new things. Some edits for ENNUI too, and of course my latest big project was the BK tour Istanbul.


What about Streetboard Magazine tell us more about it…

Well, Streetboarder Magazine… As you know, we want to continue the good job that Red Pen Mag, Jay Nowman, etc has been doing the last years. Streetboarding is not a big sport as others but needs a solid site to promote it and keep the riders motivated and show to the world the potencial of this sport. Since I was a kid I missed a website with daily news, pics, videos… Anything! You know… and that’s what we are trying.

I hope the people understand that we’re doing it for the love of the sport, losing time and money,  I hope they help us and contribute.


As a producer, filmer and editor, what’s your favourite Streetboard movie ever made?

HPT “Geeks on Wheels”.

I love”Left for dead“, is heavy! And “Shadow Monkeys” of course is one of my favorites too, was the first VHS Streetboard that I had. But “Geeks on Wheels” for me is the best. The filming, the edit, the music, the whole idea… And some of the best tech stuff I’ve ever seen and gnarly next level tricks. So sad that HPT went down, the next movie would be even better.


I’m sure, would be sick.

And Drop This is not bad too… hahaha

Cristian Dedeu | B-Side | DROP THIS


How was your experience with DROP THIS? Was hard being filmer, editor and rider?

Yes,  was hard. Being the filmer and rider is stressful, you have to film everyone (8 parts!), find the time to do it, find the spots and sometimes pursue the riders… and at the same time skate and film your part with no filmers, just trying to explain the angle that you imagine but you never have because you can’t be on the two sides of the camera. But with the time was better, Sergi bought a camera and Àlex Villanueva helped us with his camera too and sometimes more cameras. So the last months were when the level went up, more angles, better filming, etc… You can notice it in the movie.

And the editing was crazy too… The final weeks before the World premiere in Shanghai, without time and I had a lot of problems with the computer and software… but well at the end I think everything was worth it! The premieres and trips were awesome, China, Italy and the final one in Barcelona… I’ll always remember that day, good times.

Tem Drop Inn @ DROP THIS Premiere Barcelona Nov. 2012

Team Drop Inn @ DROP THIS Premiere Barcelona @ CITY HALL – Nov. 2012

Are you planning to make a new movie?

After Drop This I was not sure about it… But later I get motivated skating and filming again and I started to think that we must do another movie like Drop This, but online.

But now after the disappearance of Drop Inn and all my wrist shit I don’t know anything… But for sure we’ll continue filming and releasing edits, videoparts, etc.


What’s your favorite trick that have you have land?

Mmh… To say some… The frontside nosebluntslide in the now famous rail of Sarrià in Barcelona, my ender for my 2010/2011 online videopart. Wasn’t a perfect noseblunt but at the time I did it gave me a lot of satisfaction and motivation.

Also the frontside nosegrind to fs boardslide that I made in this same rail for Drop This and the frontside feeble in Drop This too, for various reasons is one the most difficult tricks I’ve ever done.


And what’s your favorite Streetboard edit that you have done?

Maybe ‘California Visions 2013′ is my favorite. But I also really like Drop Inn China Tour 2012, British Knights Croatia Tour 2012 and British Knights Istanbul Tour 2013.

‘California Visions’ was an awesome trip. Touring the west coast, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas…! Dude, I never imagined that I would travel to places like China, California, Croatia, Turkey, etc… thanks to with my camera and my board!


How important is for you the media to grow the sport?

Very important. And maybe more nowadays. Streetboarding needs promotion in every way we can find and now is “easy” to arrive to a lot of people around the world. We have to take advantage of it, If we  get a good media, everything that can come will be good.


Do you see yourself rich some day?

I wish Hahaha… The truth is that I use to think about the present and not much about the future.

British Knights Istanbul tour 2013 // Photo by Sergi Nicolas

What do you think about the future of the Streetboarding? Is gone to be huge? Any tips? What will you say to all the riders out there since you are one of the guys that post news everysingle day… Tell us.

I hope it goes bigger, this sport deserves it. This sport have top riders killing it just for the love and fun and not many sponsors… Imagine what they would be able to do with m0re sponsors and help! And of course more companies, brands and dealers…

But being realistic, the truth is that we need riders involved, not just skating, we have to teach kids, they’re the future. We need a real next generation if we want this sport alive and growing.


So your tip is Teaching kids?

Yeah, one of the most important I think.

Some years ago, you, Yago Ferrer and Gabi Muñoz did weekly lessons in Barcelona, and from there came out and learned a lot people like Eric Brun, Daniel Burgués, Bernat Pomerol, Jordi Purcalla, David La Rotta and more… so it works.

Photo: Sergi Nicolas

Filming for DROP THIS, checking the footage. // Photo: Sergi Nicolas

Who is gone win the World Championships this year? Any new kid you think?

I don’t know… I think a lot of people are going, will be a good one. Some of the “kids” like Andrés Rodés and Eric Brun for example are skating super good but the park is more transition, maybe David La Rotta have chances, and more if he land some of his special tricks… Simon Johns is on fire too, but I don’t know, by the moment I think the favorites are Sergi Nicolas and Max Anderson. But you never know what can happen, that’s better.


Like double backflip?

Yeah… Hasselhoff (La Rotta) is back!


Princesita (little princess) you mean?

Yes! Hahaha


Last words?

Thanks for the interview Frank.

Special thanks to my family, friends and my sponsors British Knights, Tiltwheels, Gazpacho Boards and Drop Inn forever!

I Ride for Alex.

Fs nosebluntslide in Los Angeles, California // Photo: Sergi Nicolas

Frontside nosebluntslide in Los Angeles, CA. // Photo: Nicolas Frega

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