Interview – Colin Horan #HYPE

- Interview by Sergi Nicolas

Colin Horan, for the people who don’t know him, is the owner of Day One brand and runs Street Boutique- an online UK store that addresses all of your riding needs.

I have known Colin for long time now, but we became closer about 2 years ago when I found out that we share something: a LOVE for streetboarding. There are not many people out there who love it like he does, and that’s why I respect this guy so much. He pushes the limit in so many ways-in his skating, videos, ect… It’s not only a big dedication, it’s his lifestyle.

He told me about a new video, #HYPE , and we wanted to know more. Here it is:

Colin Horan

Colin in his last trip to Barcelona.

Bro, how you feel? Do you feel ‘#HYPE’?

Haha. I feel hungover… But we are skating today.

This is an interview…  So watch out with your answers, did you had a long night?

Yeah, yesterday was Notting Hill Carnival so we were out all day and night.

Wasn’t raining as always?

No, it rained a little in the morning but it was sunny most of the day. In fact, we’ve had a great summer this year.

I been talking to a few UK people and is true, you guys had a good summer this year, a lot of sun , are you tan?

Man, I don’t tan. I just try to avoid getting burnt. I’m too English.

OK lets get into this, many people is wondering whats #HYPE, can you explain?

Yes, it’s the new Day One video we are working on. It’s called #HYPE.

These are great news, can’t wait… But whats the real meaning of #HYPE?

Well, the name represents the meaning of the video.  What we want to create is a video which people will watch to get then hyped up to skate. For me, that’s what a skate video should be. I want people to feel excited when they watch it.


Honestly I can’t wait to see it… I heard is several changes in Day One team, who is on the team?

I’m excited to show everyone but there is still a long way to go with filming, editing etc.
And yes, the team is different from Seldom Scene. There’s 4 of us now and Toni  Alvarez joined at the beginning of last year. I think he fits the style of Day One perfectly.  The whole team shares the same vision, so it’s good.
We must arrived at the skatepark so I’m gonna skate for a bit but let’s pick this up later.

So, how was your skate session the other day when you deach me mindwhile we were doing the interview ??

It was fun but we were all super hungover.  I took the worst slam on a smith grind, but I think skating is the best hangover cure.

I remember a damm big slam in china  before the world cup, what happened?

Haha, don’t remind me.  I’m not sure what happened, I was just chilling practicing some lines for the contest and then I slipped out of a back smith on the big ledge.  It’s the worst trick to fall out of because it just throws you backwards.  I hate contests!


Colin injured in Shanghai, China last year

I was there, I saw it… Didn’t look so good… I’m surprise how did you manage all the trip with a broken wrist, how is to do a tour injured?

I wouldn’t change anything about that trip.  I had some of the best times.  It was hard to turn up at some of the best spots and not be able to skate with everyone but everything else was fine.  Max Anderson carried my bags for me and I learnt chopsticks in switch.

Well now you are 100% and you are filming for #HYPE, who is gone have the last section?

We were just talking about it today actually but we wont reveal it until its released.  You will have to wait.  There are some big tricks though, I can promise that.


Eric Brun, switch fs 360

Can you tell me in private? Will be a dvd ?
About the ender?  We don’t even know for sure yet.  It’s between two of the riders I think.

Not ender… The last section?

No, we wont release it on DVD.  Personally, I think DVD is dead.  Most people consume video very different now.  Through the internet on their laptop, their mobile etc.  This is has formed some of the concept for the video too.

Colin & Toni

Colin and Toni Alvarez, with a good look that means a sick trick went down

So you will sell it online?

I would like too.  Streetboarders are lazy though, if its too difficult to buy, they just wont bother.

Eric Brun

Eric Brun

Me personally I would buy it, I really can’t wait to see it… I’ve been filming a few tricks of Eric Brun lately and god! This guy is a killer… Who is your favourite rider of the team?

Each of the guys has their own thing which I love.  Toni is so creative with tech tricks and he’s so fun to watch skate.  Simon is the definition of dedication.  He works hard on learning new tricks in his local park and then takes it to the street and kills it on a huge rail.  Then there is Eric.  He is such a talented all round streetboarder.  He also takes the biggest slams too.

toni madrid noselide-1

Toni filming for #HYPE in Madrid.

And you?
Me?  I just fall over on smith grinds.

Hahaha… I tought smith grinds were old fashion…  So whats gone be different between your last video Seldom scene and #HYPE?

It’s going to be a lot shorter, but I see that as a good thing.
People have shorter attention spans these days.  I wanted to create something that people can stay excited about whilst they are watching.

Simon Jonhs

Simon switch 270 fs boardslide.

Can we know about a date?

So many people like to watch skate or snowboard videos before they do skating to get them hyped for the session.  If you make a  great video thats say 12 minutes long, people can download it to their phones and watch it on the Tube (Metro) on their way to the next spot.

Agree to that… Date please?

We have a date in mind, but there is still a lot of work to do.  So I would prefer not to say anything right now.  Lets just say, it’s coming.

Well man, thanks for your time and sharing all this info with Streetboarder Magazine. Hope you get good weather in the UK and film a lot before the winter comes…
Last words:




Oh and one last thing…

Time is over… Man.