Interview with Bernat Pomerol

So a week on from being crowned World Park Streetboard Champion we thought it was perfect timing to get a few words from Bernat Pomerol.

– Words by Jay Nowman

– Photos by standart, Cristian Dedeu and Sergi Nicolas


Bernat Pomerol wearing a Rally Flip Cap, one of his main sponsors Photo by Sergi Nicolas

J: So bro first up. Congratulations on becoming the World Park Champion. How do you feel?

B: Thanks dude!!! I feel like a special person, its a new feeling, I can’t believe it yet!

J: Coming into the contest did you believe you could have won?

B: Oh no…! I though I could be in the 6 first rider but never number one! Was an amazing result for me.

J: How did you prepare for the contest?

B: Nothing special! I had ride for 3 months 4 days per week before the contest! Bowls, so many parks and learning some new tricks, many times with Sergi Nicolas.

Frontside 720 tailgrab Photo by standart

Frontside 720 tailgrab
Photo by standart

J: Before the finals you asked me and Toni Alvarez (who was judging due to injury) whether you should go for the gap 360 back 50/50 or the 360 backside 5.0 on the rail. How did you decide what to go for?

B: Because it was my first round and I preferred to do the gap 360 in the first try because I think that trick are harder for me than a 360 5.0 in the rail. My second option was make the 360 5.0 because is easier for me do this trick, I have do it many times before.

J: So why did you go for the harder one in what was so far a perfect run ?

B: Yes but I knew that I have a second opportunity if I fall. I tried the best tricks in the first round and depending if I fall or not, my second round could be the same or another.

J: Cool man. How did you feel when you stomped it. You looked pretty hyped.

@bernatpomerol winning Street at #streetboardworlds2015 #streetboard #streetboardermag #dow2015 #dudelangeonwheels#2015

Un vídeo publicado por Streetboarder Magazine (@streetboardermag) el

B: Jajaja yes, I know! I can’t believe the situation. It was my first try doing 360 to 50-50 and I did it! The feeling  was amazing when I was to landed on the box! It was incredible.

J: Who’s other runs did you like?

B: Eric Brun! When he landed the backside lipslide all the rail, flat and down…No words. Best backside lipslide ever

J: For sure homie. If Sergi Nicolas had landed his run where do you think he would have placed?

B: Podium for sure but I don’t know exactly!! Maybe 1-2 position! The cab 900 he landed is so hard!


Photo by standart

Photo by standart

Photo by standart

J: Yeah man that was insane. What’s next? Are you filming anything?

B: Yeah! I’m filming every week when I have a filmer! Cristian Dedeu is going to edit my new video for Gazpacho Boards!


Frontside nosebluntslide at Forum, Barcelona Photo by Cristian Dedeu

J: Sweet bro. When can we expect to see it?

B: It depends the time of Cristian! And I have to fiming the ender yet!

J: Apart from yourself and Eric Brun, who have now established yourselves, who is the top up and coming riders?

B: For me the first one is Sergi Nicolas, always!!! But there in dudelange we knew So-ga boy from Japan!! He’s going to be a promise of streetboard

J: Who’s your favourite streetboarder of all time?

B: Sergi Nicolas. He is improving his level every year with new hard tricks! Is a surprise every year!

J: Ok champ. Any last words?

B: I started to skate 11 years ago and I can see how streetboard is growing every time. New people starts every year and that’s the best thing for our sport!! But streetboarding is a lifestyle, not only a sport!

Photo by standart

Photo by standart

J: True words. Any last thanks you’s?

B: Thanks to: Sergi Nicolas for teaching me and riding together. Thanks to Cristian Dedeu for filming and editing my videos, that’s cool. Thanks to Gabi Muñoz to trust in me. Nice one. And thank you for lighting up DOW. Take it easy!

J: Thanks broo!!

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