David fs noseblunt-1

British Knights Prague Tour 2014


Last day.

Just the spanish guys in the house. Was a really slow morning. We packed, clean a bit the mess we made in the house for a week and we left the house around 11am.”




 “Of course the first stop was the pizza place. We couldn’t go around the city with all of our luggage because was really heavy. So we decided just to stick to one last spot, and that was Stalin Plaza.”



David posing

David posing


 “We skated several hours and David and Toni got some really good tricks down.”

Toni, backside lipslide

Toni, backside lipslide




The rain cached us again. We had a few hours ahead of us so we went for some drinks near the park. Chilled for a few hours more… till was the time to go the airport.”


New Bk hat.

Once there we talked about the tour, how fast it went… Always when you are with friends doing what you like the time goes by so fast. The whole team did a great job! Everyone did the best they could.

Prague might not be the city to get a lot of footage but for sure is a great city to come skate and have a great time.


River Sunrise.

 “As always all of the guys want more tours… You have to wait for a few weeks for the great video that CDV is gone make. Be patient my friends. Toni Alvarez, Gotthard Pilsner, Crisitan Dedeu, Thomas Kienle, David la Rotta… always a pleasure to travel with you.”

Sergi N.




Toni MVP of the lifestyle.

Lifestyle day, noone skated besides GP24 ” Gotthard Pilsner ” ( now you can follow him on instagram @gotthardpilser ) Ones again the MVP of the day. This guy is so skilled. He is quiet but when he straps in, you know something big is going to happen. He stayed home last night , not going out so he was 100%”


David and his new Bk shoes.


Gotthard, sw fs tailslide.

“The first spot was down town. G going big !!! The weather wasn’t so great, some rain cached us. But wasn’t something big…. After two sick tricks filmed we took again the subway with our daily ticket, to a rail we saw on skate app.”


Sergi, and his new Bk shoes.


Gotthard, massive fs lip to drop.

No one waned to skate that ..was small, step and blablablabla….. Was late late….Went back to down town to buy present for the family , friends… Was raining big time for a while but all suddenly stopped. Crisitan was doing some last clips for the the Tour video. Sergi and the others were walking around, messing in town doing pictures.”


On the way to another spot.


The Bk 2014 Team.


Thomas and Toni.


Great views in Town.


Toni chilling.


David and the hat.




The boss is tired…..

 “Gotthard left back to the hotel before the rest of the team. He drove back home to Germany. Our last dinner was some kind of typical meet on a sandwich, was really great and delicious.

Once home we packed a bit, some hanging, videos and our dear friend Thomas left around 03.00am with a taxi to the airport. The flat was a bit empty now without the 2 germany guys.

Allright, sleeping… 04.12am. Tomorrow last day of skating. Let’s roll!”



TABLAROTTA & LAMENTABLE! The day started really slow, we went to some down town spots to warm up. Cristian went to film some lifestyle shots, some were lying on the floor having a small nap before the session…”

Good morning...

Good morning…

“After skating that fist ledge we got kicked out, that was so weird. The security guy called the police and the police took not so long to appear.”





Thomas, bs noseslide

Thomas, bs noseslide


Hammers time

Hammers time

“Right after that spot, we went to an area where some skaters told us to go, we walked for ages. The area was the university. Always on those kind of places you can find spots. We didn’t least long on the first spot. 5min skating and 2 min with the camera. That was enough for Toni to film a line. Mind while some were skating some were walking around looking for more spots.” team work” thats what I called.

The spot was 2 rails in a row, they seemed perfect but, was the most sketchy rails ever. HIgh, worst floor and so on… No one wanted to skate. Sergi made a great line there.

Thomas, fs smith

Thomas, fs smith

Gotthard, back smith

Gotthard, back smith

“Again after that spot, we were looking around for more. the search ended with a dam sick triple set rail. Gotthard killed , David also.. god this 2 guys are like machines.”

Good job David, nice trick on the rail

Good job David, nice trick on the rail

Police again...

Police again…

When we were about to finish the session, who did show up? Our best friends… POLICE! They took our id and wrote down our names and they went… Such a cool police.”





Toni, front lipslide

Toni, front lipslide

We were down for the day… we wanted to hit one more spot. Took the tramp , just to cruise…. and a huge massive high rail was there waiting for us. Toni did a great fs l ip.”




Nobody wanted to keep searching or skating at all, we were all day out. We saw a mexican restaurant on the way, we ended up there. The food was so so great. The best dinner we had on the trip for sure. Home time , 01.32am. and now is 09.01am what happened ? Long long night in the old town in Prague and ended partying on a boat in the river. LAMENTABLE!”·



“MVP of the day: Gotthard Pilsnser, rat of the day Thomas Kienle and MVP of LIfestyle was Sergi. As usual and routine, we started on our favorite pizza place.
1st spot of the day Stalin Plaza.”


Stalin Plaza

Siesta time

Siesta time

“Was a really intense session for some parts of the riders… Toni and Gotthard didn’t stop skating for like 3h. FIlmed crazy stuff, great lines and a few hammers on the down rail.”

Merly, hippie jump

Merly, hippie jump


Cdv Filming to Toni.


Cristian Dedeu fs nosegrind

“Thomas wasn’t so lucky and broke the bar on a boardslide to bs lip. ( He went back to the apartment to get a new bar) Toni was in his world , he loves StalinPlaza. Is the only place he wants to skate here in Prague now !!.
At Stalin we meet a friend of Sergi. Merlyn a young kid from Barcelona that now he lives here. He was our guide for the hole day. He showed us some great spots we are gone hit in the next days.”


Thomas so happy after breaking his board.




Toni and his food.

“After a long walk and some spots, Merlyn took us to a really local bar, open air inside of a old castle down town. The views were so beautiful. There was loads of people, drinking eating typical food from here.”


Drinking time.


Toni Alvarez fs 360 late.


Toni & Sergi with the pink flower.


“With the stomach full was a bit hard to start to skate again . The stop was a 9 stair gap to warm up. Was not the most great place to start riding again….. Toni did a massive fs 360 late, ( 9.1 ) From there we went for a small walk to another spot we saw before.
One of the best ledges we skated ever. Weird plastic material, the feeling when you were grinding was so smooth. Gotthard put some extra wax , everyone was falling so bad, flying… G made the LINE! We were stoked!”

Amazing filming today, good job team!

Amazing filming today, good job team!

After such a long day skating, we were heading back to our home. Stopped at the supermarket. Bought a lot of bad stuff, candy, chocolate, and so on….. The team was to tired to go out… Stayed home chilling , watching movies, SLS… Was a great day today! 02.31 am”




Good morning... fine for everyone

Good morning… fine for everyone

1st thing on the morning, Pizza time!! Is breakfast and lunch together, god, so cheap. We are getting used to it. We jumped into the subway and whats the next thing that happen? We got ripped off, guys asking for tickets and of course we didn’t have: 30€ each. The guys made the day with us. We are sure they went out with our money. All of us we were really disappointe , actually the tickets are actually not expensive at all. We learned a lesson yesterday(from now on we are gone buy train tickets for sure.)”



We went to the end of the yellow line, to the getho. We are wondering why we always ended up in those places, we came into a conclusion, the best spots , big stuff are there. The first spot was a flat rail , was really great to warm up. David and I went different ways to find our spots, we didn’t had any luck at all this time. Was the first time we skated all together in the trip. Everybody got a trick on the rail, was a fan session . Supermarket mission and again one of this kind of walks that you will never forget.”


Toni bs K


Toni about to kill !!


Timo getting destroyed


Cristian and his new hat

“Found one of the most weird small/high rails that no one waned to skate. We made a few goes but nothing crazy. This time we were ready to leave this area and go to Stalin Plaza. David and Thomas went for a search now, took them 30 min. We were like dudes !! where you been… and they were follow us …. They showed us 2 amazing rails.”


Gotthard fs smith.



The guys.



In the way to the rails.


Ready to roll

In the first rail the floor was really hard to ride. David did first try fs nose grind, Gotthard end ed the session with a clean fs lipslide.”


David fs nosegrind.


Gotthard fs lipslide.

Sergi tried for like 10 times bs 0.5 and broke his board.”



For the 2nd rail im not gone say what but MVP David la Rotta Landed one of the best trick on Streetboarding history. Guys you just have to wait and see it on the video. OMG David you are a damm killer. !!! We&I still wondering how did you made that happen. Congrats dude. Epic&sick!”



Went to down town and this time with the a ticket, we were afraid. We could´t afford another one… Had a great dinner on a chinese restaurant, walked in town a bit. Had a great ice cream ( thanks Kienle dad .) And last train, last bus….. Ones home, no internet , we were going crazy…. everybody went to bed early.


The team.





We tried to wake up early and have a session before Gotthard and Toni arrived but as always was a hard mission to do that… We left the house 1.5h later that we said the night before. Of course we had breakfast in our favorite pizza place. A few slices and we were ready to roll. We had 45min till the meeting with the guys.”



“I saw a video the night before about a skatepark really close by the train station. We were really lazy , but in the end ended up going.”

Sergi, fs melon

Sergi, fs melon

“The ramps were not so bad but really bubbly and was not so easy to skate. We checked some street spots without luck. Time to meet the guys.”


“Finally we were all together. Drop all the bags in the Bk´s flat. We made a try to go street skating, to a spot some locals told us. Once there the biggest rain came.”


“We chilled at the Metro station for like 30min, the rain was not stoping.”

day2map-1 day2thegang-1

“We had not choose than going to the indoor park ones again. Mystic Park.”


“The session was really long, we were more on the session. Some crazy tricks went down.”

Gotthard, switch backside smith

Gotthard, switch backside smith

“Gotthard did a sw bs smith to bs noseblunt on the biggest rail on the park. Toni filmed so so many tricks. Thomas did a bsbs 270º to 270º out so so clean.”

day2davidnoseblunt-1 day2fsairdavid-1

Toni, backsmith

Toni, backsmith

“David skated the whole park for like 4 hours non stop…. We left the park around 23pm. In our way home, we couldn’t resist talking about the pizza that we were gone eat. Ones in our stop, the pizza restaurant was close! We were really disappointed.”



We ended up having dinner in a gas station. Once home we watched the footage from today. Hope tomorrow doesn’t rain and we can skate street. ( We watched the footage from the Gazpacho contest, we laugh so so bad..) 


Time to bed, 03.00am”


“A few months ago we decided our new destination for the next British Knights Tour.

And here we are, Prague!.

We got in really late last night. We couldn’t barely do anything. We meet with Thomas at our metro station, is situated in the north of the city. We ate some great sliced of pizza. Each slice costed 1€, really cheap… And you  cant take just 1 slice. Took us a while to figure out were was our apartment. Arriving at night into a new city is not the best idea.”

Good morning...

Good morning…


getting ready-1


“We woke up not so early, we chilled home while was waining… tried our new shoes from the next season, new hats and put our boards together.

Took the bus for 10min, we got to the metro stop. Of course our breakfast was pizza, 2 slices each.


new hats-1 PRAGA-1

1st spot of the day: Stalin Plaza.  One of those place that must skate 1 time in your life. You can make such a long lines till your breath is gone. The weather wasn’t with us today. After a few hours of session the rain came to us.  We had to hide under some trees and we asked some locals for some spots. The rain was still there, we were hoping to be skate some more…. The sun came again but not for long. So we had no other choice than go to the Mystic Indoor Skatepark. Another place where you must come and skate! We skated for several hours non stop.

sergi bs noseblunt-1


David La Rotta with a sweet frontside nosebluntslide

David La Rotta with a sweet frontside nosebluntslide

Hassel Circus

Hassel Circus

“Tomorrow Toni Alvarez and Gotthard Pilsner are arriving. Is gone be a big day I’m sure, today was just the warm up. But we are already death, we got a few big slams each today…”

Bed time. 02.12am.”

what shoes ?-1

praga 1-1


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