Ascent Boards



“Ascent streetboards proudly presents the world’s only ultra-light, high-strength, plastic streetboard.”

We are very happy to see a new Streetboard company: Ascent Boards

Ascent Streetboards has officially launched. Boards are available in the US at And “we’re still working on Europe.”

“Ascent Boards was founded on three ideas:

1) Make streetboards for everybody.

Nearly all the streetboards available prior to Ascent Boards, have been made for taller, high end riders. Ascent Board strives to make boards that can bring everyone into the sport. Our boards are less expensive and easier to ride.


2) Make streetboards accessible to everyone.

Getting streetboards in many countries have been next to impossible. Ascent Boards set out to change that by taking a direct-to-customer approach using Amazon’s Fullfillment Centers. Now, riders all around the world can buy streetboards with all the convenience of their local country’s Amazon website.



“3) Make it easier to learn to ride.

Streetboarding has historically been challenging to learn. Those days are the past now with Ascent Board’s unique trainer bar, included free with every purchase. This board easily slides into the footplates, connecting them, and making it easier to learn to ride. With the trainer bar attached, simply rotate your shoulder and feet, and you will move.”



“Ascent Blue-Cat Bindings are bindings for the intermediate level rider. The bindings offer great strength and stability for a very low price.”


More info on

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