Ascent Boards review

“Music soundtracks my life, and the moment I ripped open the Amazon packaging to see the new Ascent board in the flesh for the first time, I couldn’t help belt out the lyrics from Prince’s soundtrack to the original Batman film: “I’ve seen the future and it will be I’ve seen the future and it works””

Review by Jay Nowman


Streetboarding has for so long needed a decently priced entry level board for kids. It’s one of the three big barriers of entry to the sport. Finally we have it, perfect for little Jimmy (possibly the offspring of Pumpin Jim, DNA tests pending) in its vibrant blue plastic, ice cream graphic melting on top of the waffle lattice underside. Costing not much more than the latest computer game, Ascent have also cracked the second great barrier to entry by piggy backing on arguably world’s greatest distribution network, Amazon. I’ve seen the future and it can be. I’ve seen the future and its having your Streetboard delivered straight to the spot by Amazon drone.



How does it ride? Well this is not a board for the big boys, don’t expect to see this iteration being dragged into a front nose blunt on an 18 stair. It does however serve to prove two of my long held theories about board design. Firstly, riding a 46cm you notice how you fast you can accelerate in a small space, in this case my living room. The turning circle is tighter than a hackney carriage. It also spins faster than pulsar. For street riding I’ve always been in favour of shorter more nimble bars, and this just proves my point.

The second is the plastic trucks. You can grind anything on these with only a little wax. It opens up a whole new world of potential street spots, whilst also providing a differential from skateboarding. However as mentioned, we are not the target audience for this board, recruiting new riders to the joys of streetboarding is. This is where the magic truly happens and with one very simple idea, it smashes through the biggest barrier we’ve had for people starting the sport.



To pick up a board and move almost immediately has always been our downfall (literally). However with two holes of genius, sitting diagonally across from each other on opposing plates, and a small removable metal bar then linking them, the unnatural toes in toes out movement becomes easy as jump on and push.



You only need to move one foot and it forces the other to follow, leaving the future generation to only focus on their upper body movement. With the prospect of more plastic boards entering the market in 2016: “I’ve seen the future and it will be I’ve seen the future and it works”

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