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Alex Villanueva new BK team rider

Alex Villanueva, frontside lipslide / Photo by Sergi Nicolas

Alex Villanueva, frontside lipslide / Photo by Sergi Nicolas

British Knights just announced its new team rider: Alex Villanueva. Congrats dude!

“Let us introduce you to Alex Villanueva, the most recent addition to the BK Team and a real multi-talented person.



Alex Villanueva, joined the British Knights team on age of 23. He has a degree at the Barcelona School of Informatics, but right now he is following his heart and let’s his passion take him to places.

Although Alex is relatively new to streetboarding, according to teamleader Sergi, his progression in the past months is kind of insane.

Over the last few months Alex has toured, competed and done demos in countries across Europe. “I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST TRAVELLING WITH THE BRITISH KNIGHTS TEAM. I LOVE TO FLIP AND LIVE LIFE UPSIDE DOWN, SO IT’S GREAT TO WORK ON THAT ALL DAY”. Exactly why he’s got our attention!

Besides his impressive streetboard skills, Alex has a lot more to offer.”

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