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British Knights Prague Tour 2014

30/07/2014 “We tried to wake up early and have a session before Gotthard and Toni arrived but as always was a hard mission to do that… We left the house 1.5h later that we said the night before. Of course we had breakfast in our favorite pizza place. A few slices and we were ready…


Sergi Nicolas travels: U.S.

Hawaii 17/06/2014 Portland, Oregon 15/06/2014 “Warm up...

Austrian Tyrol Tour Visions

- Words & pics by Colin Horan 31/05/2014 “Today we...


Interview – Nick Robson

- Interview and photos by Sergi Nicolas   - So, Nick wh...

Interview – Paul Russell

Blue skies have been rolling past the windows of the office ...

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Simon Bartz back on the board

Simon Bartz, local from Passau and friend of Gotthard Pilsner, is back on the board. Here you can enjoy some pics, much potential, we hope to see more from him soon. Photos by Gotthard Pilsner Publicación by Gotthard Pilsner.